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Tri-M Music Honor Society (formerly known as Modern Music Masters) is a  program of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) that recognizes excellence in student's involved in their high school and middle school music programs.

Students interested in participating in Tri-M at RHS should contact Mrs. Sherlock or Mrs. Diehl for more information.

Five Ways Tri-M® Benefits Your Students, School, and Community  May 6, 2015

The Tri-M® Music Honor Society is the National Association for Music

Education's (NAfME) international honor society for middle/junior-high

and high school students. This program recognizes students for their

academic and musical achievements, rewards them for their

accomplishments and service activities, and inspires other students to

excel at music and leadership. Tri-M students can earn pink (music's

color) graduation cords, stoles and tassels to wear upon their


  • Pride in Achievement

  • Service Opportunities

  • Leadership Opportunities

  • Time Management and Being Well-Rounded

  • Community

MLoebach Graduating 2.jpg
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