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                    RHS Music Trip Introduction Letter - 10/2018


Rockville High School Music Department

2100 Baltimore Road, Rockville, MD  20882



Nicole Sherlock, Instrumental Music Director

Cynthia Diehl, Choral Music Director



Preparations are currently underway for a trip to New York, NY from 03/30/2019 – 4/2/2019. All students who are currently registered in band, orchestra or choir will be able to attend. Our trip will include a master class performance with faculty from Hofstra University as well as visits to Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Center, the Statue of Liberty, a musical on Broadway and much more! We are very excited to be planning a trip, and our goal is to take as many students as possible. We really hope that all students will be able to travel. Also, the more students who travel, the lower the price will be per student. Please understand that we need to have a balanced performance group in order to perform for the clinicians. We plan to have a band, an orchestra, a chorus, a jazz band and a percussion ensemble perform during the festival weekend.


As we plan our trip, we will try to keep price changes to a minimum. We are estimating everything “high” right now and as we work out the details with fundraisers, we can hopefully bring down the cost of the trip for each student. This trip is an “all-inclusive” trip.  We have included bus travel, hotel accommodations, master class performance fees, all other ticket costs and all meals in the total cost per person***.


We will need to make deposits/payments to reserve hotel rooms and activities very soon. We need to ask for an initial deposit of $150.00 per student by October 26th.  The $150 deposit is only refundable until November 15th, 2018. Additional payments need to be made on the following schedule and a refund schedule will be provided prior to November 21st payment:


$150.00 by October 26th, 2018                 $250.00 by December 19th, 2018

$150.00 by November 21st, 2018             $250.00 by February 1st, 2019


***Payment amounts may change as the trip activities and pricing are confirmed.

***If you need to make special arrangements to cover the cost of the trip, please contact your child’s teacher in writing prior to October 26th, 2018. Any correspondence will be kept confidential.


We will also need at least one chaperone for every fifteen travelers for this trip. We would like to be able to discount the chaperone price, however at this time we cannot determine the discount, if any. We will have a separate meeting very soon for people who are interested in chaperoning the trip.


At this time we are asking for you to make a commitment regarding your child’s participation in the 2019 Rockville Music Trip. Please discuss the trip with your family and notate your intention below. If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call Mrs. Sherlock or Mrs. Diehl.  We will also have a MANDATORY meeting regarding the trip on Monday, November 12th at 7:00pm.  A parent or legal guardian must attend this meeting WITH the student.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Sherlock or Mrs. Diehl. We look forward to seeing you at the meeting on November 12th!



Mrs. Sherlock, Mrs. Diehl and F.O.R.M.

2018 Music Department New York City Trip Commitment Form

Please return this form to your child’s teacher by October 26th.  If your child will be attending the trip, please include your $150.00 deposit along with this form.


Student’s Name: ______________________________________     Ensemble: ________________________________



Parent/Guardian Name: ____________________________________________________________________________


________         My child WILL BE participating in the 2019 Rockville Music Department Trip to New York City, NY from March 30-April 2, 2019.  I have included my $150 deposit.


________         My child WILL NOT be participating in the 2019 Rockville Music Department Trip to New York City, NY from March 30-April 2, 2019.




__________________________________________________________                     ______________________

Parent/Guardian Signature                                                                                   Date

                                                         --< > --

Trip Info

               RHS Music Dept. Spring Trip Guidelines / 2019


Dear Parents and Students,


The privilege of taking an overnight trip, which is extended to the students of the Rockville High School Music Department, is a privilege and reward for hard work and successful past efforts.


The factors encountered in planning a trip of this type are numerous. However, even more important are the precautions which must be taken to guard against physical injury of any participant; against damage to property or damage to the reputation of any student, the music department, school or community; and against jeopardizing the possibility of future trips. To help avoid problems, the following guidelines are offered. Each student and his or her parent should go over them together, and any questions concerning them cleared up before departure. Please contact a music director with questions regarding the guidelines. When we leave RHS the policies of Rockville High School Handbook and the DOE are in full effect. These guidelines are the most important points of those policies and are both necessary and reasonable. The intention is not to limit anyone’s fun, but rather to see that the actions or omissions of any student do not endanger health, property or reputation.




The RHS Music Department Staff

Nicole Sherlock, Cynthia Diehl



1.     SCHEDULE – Each of you will receive a copy of the schedule. Keep it with you and keep up with it. Have access to a clock. BE PUNCTUAL!  It is not fair to the rest of the group for someone to delay a departure. Be on time to all check-ins with chaperones.


2.     BE RESPONSIBLE AND LISTEN -   It is your responsibility to know what is going on. Always listen for instructions, and note any changes in the itinerary.


3.     SECURITY – Most of you will be carrying money as well as some valuables. Be aware that these things can “disappear” if you are not careful at all times. Do not leave any luggage, instruments or purses in an unsupervised or non-secure area. Do not advertise the fact that you are carrying a sum of money. The best idea is to NOT bring expensive jewelry, electronics, or a large amount of money.


4.     DRESS AND ITEMS NEEDED FOR THE PERFORMANCE – Be organized with your packing! Remember that you are limited to one labeled suitcase, and one labeled carry-on item such as a backpack/purse. Remember to bring all

components of your uniform. These items are:


  • Gentlemen: Black Shoes, tall black socks, white undershirt and your tuxedo.

                    PLEASE pack your tuxedo neatly and hang it up as soon as you get to the hotel room. If you need help ironing/getting out wrinkles,                          PLEASE ask a chaperone for help!

  • Ladies: Concert black dress, black dress shoes.

                    ALL ASPECTS of the uniform dress code are applicable-wear what you've always worn.

                    When wearing your uniform, it must be FULL uniform.  Shirts must be tucked in, bow ties and cummerbunds must remain on.

5.        GENERAL ITEMS TO TAKE -- make a list of everything you need!

  • Music trip t-shirt -  Students will wear this shirt when they depart for the trip and keep it on until we arrive at the hotel.

  • Sufficient clothing for 4  days and  3  nights. Please plan appropriate attire for trip activities. The weather forecast is predicting highs in the mid 70’s/lower 60's. Please bring a rain parka/jacket in case of rain or cooler weather.

  • COMFORTABLE SHOES for walking.


There is a more complete list of items to pack attached if you would like to make use of it.

6.     LOADING AND UNLOADING - It is the responsibility of the individual student to see that his or her belongings get to the proper place at the proper time for loading. This usually means the curb side of the bus or wherever the Loading Crew directs you. The Loading Crew will NOT go into hotel rooms, etc, to find or transport your things for loading. It is also the responsibility of each student to pick up his or her possessions after they are unloaded, without delay.


7.     IPODS, MP3s, ETC.  – These may be taken on the trip, and only used with earphones and may not be audible to anyone else. No external speakers are permitted. The student assumes responsibility in keeping these items secure.


9.     RELATIONSHIPS – Public display of affection is not acceptable. The judgment of the adults on the trip will be final as to what is acceptable and what is not. Please realize that the over-exuberant public display of affection is not only offensive to many people, but is inappropriate on a school-sponsored trip. We are representing Rockville High School, and the RHS Music Department should always strive to make a good impression.


10.     AUTHORITY OF ADULTS – Music Directors, chaperones; employees of the charter bus company, hotels, restaurants and any place that we go are the people in charge. If they ask or tell you to do something, immediately give them your enthusiastic cooperation and attention. No comments are necessary. It is their duty to provide supervision. This would include correction of inappropriate behavior. Be cooperative and remember: without their service there would be no trip.

11.     DRUGS TOBACCO AND ALCOHOL -- POSSESSION OF OR USE OF ANY DRUGS, CHEMICALS, INHALANTS, OR ANY OTHER INTOXICANTS, OR MOOD CHANGING, MIND ALTERING DRUGS IS PROHIBITED. THE TRANSMITTAL, SALE OR ATTEMPTED SALE OF WHAT IS REPRESENTED TO BE ANY OF THE ABOVE LISTED SUBSTANCES IS ALSO PROHIBITED. - Any infraction of this type will be dealt with swiftly and finally. It will result in your being sent home at your expense by commercial transportation. The matter will be turned over to the school administration immediately. See also item 28, below.


12.     MEDICATION – If you have a prescription or over-the-counter medication, you must turn it over Mrs. Sherlock or Mrs. Diehl upon arrival Friday for the trip. The medicine MUST be in the original prescription bottle (with original label) and must only contain enough medicine for the trip. NO MEDICINE will be returned to the student at the end of the trip.  Any extra pills or liquid medicine will be disposed* of prior to return to RHS.  (*exception will be birth control pills) Medicine that is not in pill or liquid form (inhalers, epi-pens, etc.) WILL be returned to the PARENT ONLY upon return to RHS. Mrs. Sherlock or Mrs. Diehl will dispense the medicine to the student at the prescribed time/day and students will sign that they have taken the medicine.


13.       WEAPONS – Students will not be in possession of any weapon as described in the RHS/DOE Handbook. Any student in violation of this policy will be sent home and referred to the proper authorities. See also item 28, below.

14.       CRIMINAL ACTIVITY – Any student in violation of local or state laws will be turned over to the local authorities. If the student is returned to the organization, he or she will be sent home. See also item 28, below.


15.       LEAVING ASSIGNED AREA – It is essential for safety and communication that all students remain in the confines of whatever is the assigned area at all times, i.e. while at restaurants, you must be inside the building, not across the street or with anyone or go anywhere with a “non-Rockville” person. Ignoring this would lead to being sent home early: see item 28, below. We expect and demand that you use good judgment at all times.


16.       STAY IN A GROUP – While on the trip, do not go anywhere by yourself. There is safety in numbers. Stay in a group of 3 or more. Keep together and keep tabs on each other. You will be in an unfamiliar place and it would be easy to get lost. Make sure that you have the cell phone number of your chaperone. The chaperones are here to help!


17.       INTERACTION WITH STUDENTS FROM OTHER SCHOOLS – One of the fine opportunities of this type of trip is the chance to see and watch other groups, and also how they conduct themselves. It is permissible to converse with people from other groups in a friendly manner, but it is not acceptable to go anywhere with another group or to become too familiar with students from another school. Be social, but establish clear limits as to the degree of sociability.


18.       HOTEL GUIDELINES: NO BOY MAY ENTER ANY GIRL’S ROOM. NO GIRL MAY ENTER ANY BOY’S ROOM. - Other guidelines regarding room visitation will be provided later. If you wish to converse, do it totally outside the hotel room, in a common meeting area, not in the hallway or in the doorway or in any way that invites entry into a room. This includes students from other schools. It also includes taking luggage in and out of rooms, killing bugs, etc.

  • a. Keep your room neat and clean. Housekeeping will not touch your personal items. If you have things on the bed or floor, your room will not get vacuumed and your bed will not be made.

  • b. Doors to rooms should stay closed and locked. DO NOT use the bolt to keep your door "open."  It makes too much noise when the door slams.

  • c. All “pay” items (TV movies, room service, room bar, long-distance calls, etc.) will be turned off in all students’ rooms.

  • d. Be aware that chaperones will enter and inspect rooms periodically. This will be done without warning. They will knock on the door and expect to be admitted immediately.

  • e. “Lights Out” is the time when all lights, radios, TV, etc., will be off and all students in bed.

  • f. Do no give your hotel name or room number to people you don't know.

  • g. Any suspicious activity will be investigated.

  • h. There will be other guests at our hotel! Let us not be the source of any complaints.

  • i. Please do not congregate in the hallways of the hotel.

  • j. Do not lose your room key. Prior to checking out of your hotel room, give your keys to your designated chaperone.                                        DO NOT LEAVE KEYS IN YOUR ROOM OR TURN THEM INTO THE FRONT DESK.                                                                                                              Do not put your room key near another magnetic strip or it will be erased!


19.       FIRE ALARM – Familiarize yourself with emergency exits as you go to the room. Read the fire alarm information and fire procedures in your room upon check-in. In the event of a fire alarm, evacuate the room and meet your group outside. DO NOT ASSUME IT IS A FALSE ALARM!  LEAVE THE HOTEL IMMEDIATELY! Find your room chaperone as soon as you get outside.


20.       PROPERTY DAMAGE - Any property damage will be paid for by the students involved.

21.       WATER BALLOONS, SHAVING CREAM AND OTHER PRANKISH ITEMS - None of these or other similar activities are allowed. Judgment of what is similar is up to the chaperones.


22.       SWIMMING - There will be no swimming at the hotel.  There will not be enough time.

23.       ILLNESS – Any illness, injury or dispute should be reported to a chaperone immediately.  There will be no excused absences from any activity.  If a student becomes too ill to stay with the group, arrangements will be made to send the student home.


25.       STUDENTS 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER - will operate under the same rules as other students as they are still a student of RHS.


26.       BE FLEXIBLE and go with the flow! - Many hours have gone into the planning of this trip, but it is impossible to predict bus trouble or similar inconvenience. It is not unusual for there to be a need for a change in the schedule after we arrive and become aware of information that perhaps was not available before. Don’t be quick to criticize. Relax and remember a complainer ruins the trip atmosphere for everyone. Enjoy the company of your friends.


27.       GET SOME SLEEP! - It is important for you to get adequate rest. This should be a learning, fun and rewarding trip. Get some sleep so that we can enjoy each other, enjoy the trip, stay well, and perform to the best of our ability.


28.       PROCEDURE FOR SENDING A STUDENT HOME EARLY - If you become aware of a potential problem from one of our students, you can save everyone a lot of problems by dealing with it before it develops.  Please offer sound advice and approach a chaperone if you are concerned about the choices of another student. However, any student who excessively violates trip guidelines will be sent home.


  • a. Student will make a call home to the parent or guardian. Prior to the student conversing with parents, the director will inform the parents of their child’s offense and that he or she is being sent home.

  • b. Parents will be informed of the time schedule and will be responsible for paying for the airfare/bus fare and picking up the student at the airport/bus depot.

  • c. If the student being sent home for disciplinary reasons, the student will be immediately separated from the rest of the organization.




            Hilton Hasbrouck Heights Hotel

            650 Terrace Ave

            Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604




            Gunther Charters



            DIRECTOR PHONE NUMBERS (for emergency only)

            Nicole Sherlock         ---- [provided at time of trip]

            Cynthia Diehl             ---- [provided at time of trip]




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