Music Theory Boot Camp

The 2016 Music Theory "Boot Camp" is primarily designed to introduce students to the Music Theory concepts that will help them find success in the IB Music/Music Perspectives class. There is no charge for the Boot Camp, and it is not required. The concepts taught during the Boot Camp will be reviewed during the first weeks of the IB Music/Music Perspectives class when the normal school year begins. However, students who attend will have an opportunity for additional practice and enrichment. 

The Boot Camp is open to anyone (high school students, alumni, staff, community) who is willing to commit to full attendance.

This year the camp will take place July 18-22, from 9am to noon each day, in Room 1084 (the instrumental music room) at RHS.

The registration deadline is Monday, July 11. To register, please complete the form below!

Topics to be covered include:

Reading Treble/Bass/Alto/Other Clefs
Simple, Compound & Mixed Time Signatures
Major/Minor Scales
Other Scales & Modes
Key Signatures & Accidentals
Major, Minor, Augmented, Diminished, Seventh & Other Chords
Interval & Chord Inversions
Roman Numeral Analysis
Non-Harmonic Tones
Harmonic Cadences
Chord Progressions
The Circle of Fifths

If you have any questions, please email Mr. Barnes.