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Part Assignments

Note: If you do not see your name here, please email Mr. Barnes and he will assign you to a part!

Flute 1
Akari K.
Erica M.
Elena P.
Melissa L.
Flute 2
Kristina G.
Emily G.
Carolyn L.
Kelly R.

Clarinet 1
Jonathan C.
Sarah G.

Clarinet 2
Cory B.
Vanessa F.
Clarinet 3
Laura C-M.
Ashley-Marie D.
Tess G.

Alto Sax 1
Romana C.
Alto Sax 2
Kathleen C.
Johan C.
Tenor Sax
Rachel S.
Jonathan Z.
Bari Sax
Bryce H.

Trumpet 1
David W.
Trumpet 2
Danny T.
Trumpet 3
Davinia F.
Dora B.

Horn 1
Laura W.
Horn 2
Zack Z.
Horn 3
Natalie D.

Trombone 1
Konrad S.
Trombone 2
Wyatt S.

Percussion Assignments
Note: If you're able to pick up any other parts that aren't listed please feel free!

Anthem for Winds & Percussion
Daniella: Timpani
Will: Chimes, Xylo, Crash (104-end)
Sean: Snare
Where the Black Hawk Soars
Daniella: Mallets
Will: Snare, Suspended Cymbal (m.4-13, 58-59, 64-116), Sleigh Bells (m.15-30) 
Sean: Timpani, Gong (m.63), Wind Chimes (m.65-92)
 How to Train Your Dragon
Daniella: Snare, Bass (m.60, 119-121, 126-127)
Will: Timpani, Triangle (m.31-33, 60-79)
Sean: Bass (m.1-22, 129-end) Toms (m.26-31), Suspended Cymbal (m.42-125)