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USSBA Nationals

posted Nov 3, 2009, 1:35 PM by Phil Barnes

Please take a look at the email below and let me know by the end of rehearsal tomorrow if you’d be interested in helping out at the USSBA National Championships in Annapolis.


Obviously we are not available to help on Friday, and I will not be able to organize any kind of transportation to and from Annapolis on Saturday or Sunday. But if you are interested in getting a carful of people to go out and help, let me know if I’ll make sure you’re added to their list!




I just wanted to touch base with you all regarding an opportunity for you and your band.


The USSBA is holding our National Championship event on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this week.


It’s going to be a great show, however, to make it an AWESOME show we need some help…and we were thinking maybe your bands could do the trick…


We need some help in the form of volunteers- to guide bands, to run sheets and tapes, help at the airgram table…help take care of the details that you know makes the difference between a good experience and a messy show!


What we could do is offer some money back to the band program, so the hours worked could be a quick and easy fundraiser for your program.  Additionally, if enough people come, we could institute shifts so that your kids would have time to sit and watch some of the show, some of the circuit’s top bands will be competing so it could be a valuable experience.


I know Annapolis isn’t exactly right next door and this is a little short notice but if you have a few die-hard kids who would like to come to the show on their own we would give them a chance to watch the show and a free sweatshirt or something of the sort.


Let me know if you are at all interested or if you have any questions…




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