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Speak Out! What does your band/orchestra mean to you?

posted Apr 7, 2010, 9:26 AM by Phil Barnes

USSBA launches grassroots campaign to keep music in schools


As the economic climate in many school districts worsens, music programs are under attack more now than in the past decade. Every day, there's another report of music teacher positions cut, entire competitive band programs being cancelled and essentially the dismantling of music as an integral part of student's education.

Just this week, three of our member schools have received word their marching and music programs will no longer exist. As we move forward, music educators, along with those who support them, are forced to ask ourselves "if these cuts continue, where will the music come from?"
The US Scholastic Band Association has been dedicated to the showcase of music in our schools for more than 20-years. From our grassroots efforts in New Jersey dating back to 1988, this organization has worked to support music programs every step of the way.  Which is why now, we are launching an effort to mobilize current students and high school marching band alumni to tell us what marching band means to you! This, along with other advocacy material, will be made available as a resource for music educators and supporters to spread their message.
Our "What Your Band Means to You" campaign will be available through every possible media outlet, including our Web site, the USSBA Ning social forum page, the USSBA Facebook Fan Page, and other related links.
So what are we asking from you?
It's simple. And it's personal. Share whatever thought or feeling you have about the impact music has had on you - whether in the marching band, winter guard, drumline, orchestra or chorus.  The friends you've met, the lessons you've learned, the person you've become. What effect has music had on you?

Send a story, write a poem, shoot a video including you and your friends, photos - whatever media you have access to that helps you express your feelings. Let the USSBA be the place that organizes all of this and compiles it for future use - either in standing up to school boards or creating an archive for others to use when fighting for the protection of music programs in your school or elsewhere.

Send your video, poem, thoughts or story to<>. Or go to these links and share why you love band/orchestra with the world!


We're all passionate people that love music and what it means to us.  Share your thoughts and feelings, and we'll do the same.
Also, share these resources and links with your family and friends. The greater the response, the more we'll be able to draw attention to our grass roots campaign and have a hand in protecting music in our schools for the long term.