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Jazz Ensemble: Info Sheet for MCPS Big Band Festival

posted Dec 1, 2009, 7:59 AM by Phil Barnes

Good morning,

Below is the info sheet for next Saturday’s MCPS Jazz Festival at Sherwood HS. 

This is a required performance, and it will be factored into the second quarter grade.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions!

- Mr. Barnes



RHS Jazz Ensemble

Info Sheet for MCPS Big Band Festival

Saturday, December 12th, 2009



8:00am             Meet at Sherwood HS Auditorium. Proceed to warm-up room.

8:40am             Move to backstage area.

8:50am             PERFORMANCE!

9:15am             Sight Reading.

9:40am             Pack up equipment and move to auditorium. Catch end of Whitman HS Jazz Ensemble.

10:05am           Watch Einstein HS Jazz Ensemble.

10:30am           Watch Gaithersburg HS Jazz Ensemble.

11:00am           Dismissed




·         You must be in full performance uniform the entire time you are at Sherwood HS

o    Guys: Black dress shoes, black socks, black dress pants, long-sleeve black button-up shirt, tasteful tie. (NOTE: The band agreed to change the shirt color to black.)

o    Here is the link to the tie we were all interested in buying:

o    Ladies: Black, nice, and floor length

·         You are responsible for getting everything you need (including yourself!) to and from Sherwood HS. This means you need to take it home with you on Friday and bring it back on Monday. This includes:

o    Your instrument

§  Guitar/bass players are responsible for instruments and amps

§  Percussionists are responsible for cymbals, snare, bass pedal and any accessories

§  Pianists should bring a portable keyboard (with stand) for the warm-up room

o    Your music

o    Anything else you need on stage for the performance (mutes, extra reeds, etc….)

·         Please eat something before you arrive

·         As an ensemble we are required to watch at least two other groups perform. Therefore everyone must stay until the 11:00am dismissal time. You are more than welcome to stay and watch more groups if you want!



Directions to Sherwood HS from Rockville HS

·         Make a left out of the school.

·         Make a right onto Norbeck Rd.

·         Make a left onto Georgia Ave.

·         Make a right onto Old Baltimore Rd.

·         Make a right onto Rt 108.

·         Sherwood HS will be about 2 miles down the road on the right.

·         Enter the school at the stop light. The Auditorium entrance is directly across from the entrance to the football stadium.

Adjudication: Auditorium
8:00am       Sherwood HS
8:25am       Walter Johnson HS
8:50am       Rockville HS
9:15am       Churchill HS
9:40am       Whitman HS
10:05am     Einstein HS
10:30am     Gaithersburg HS
10:55am     Clarksburg HS
11:20am     Northwood HS
11:50am     Jr MCPS Honors Jazz Ensemble
12:25pm     Sr MCPS Honors Jazz Ensemble
1:10pm       Richard Montgomery HS
1:35pm       Magruder HS
1:50pm       Blake HS
2:15pm       Blair HS
2:40pm       B-CC HS
Clinic with Chris Vadala: Choral Room
8:15am       Frost MS
8:55am       Blair HS Lab Band
9:35am       Pyle MS
10:15am     Damascus HS
10:55am     Baker MS
1:10pm       Silver Spring International MS
1:50pm       Paint Branch HS