September 2014 Minutes

posted Oct 22, 2014, 10:12 AM by Phil Barnes

Rockville High School

Friends of Rockville Music—Minutes

September 8, 2014


Attendance:  Phil Barnes, Ron Johnson, Susan Townsend-Gray, Damaris Richardson, Christine Manor, Holly Shropshire, Beth Peterson, Janet Lawson, Don Hakman, and Wendy Hoffman.


President’s Report:  Susan Townsend-Gray greeted everyone.  She went to the 9th grade parent meeting.  She noted that it was not a very strong turnout. 

Vice President’s Report:  Demaris Richardson reported that September 22 will be the first FORM restaurant night.  It will take place at Panera and 20 % of the sales will go to FORM.  October 6 will be the Chipotle fundraiser at Wintergreen Plaza.  FORM will earn 50 % of the proceeds.  November 12 will be an Urban BBQ evening.

Secretary’s report: Terri Beard was not able to be at the meeting, so Beth Peterson took her place.  Minutes from the June FORM meeting will be discussed and put forth for approval during the October meeting.

Treasurer’s report:    7 memberships came in.  Christine Manor voiced concern with the way that FORM does its fundraising.  With the Wreath and Poinsettia sale as well as the Innesbrook wrapping, some of the money earned goes into the FORM general account and a portion goes into the account of the individual who did the selling in order to offset some of the expenses of the trip.  Christine is concerned that this system may not align with the legal framework of non-profit organizations.

Director’s Report:  Ron Johnson reported that the choral program is off to a strong start with balanced sections.  He has just one “sit-in.”  More tuxedos are needed and a couple more gowns.  He is looking for a seamstress to work with.  The choral cluster concert is scheduled for January 14.

Phil Barnes has 39 students in Marching Band.  There will be an away game at Seneca Valley on October 2 that is planned.  The school year began with 40 students having schedule conflicts with instrumental music classes.  Phil explained that Rockville High School has a new scheduling system with some obvious kinks.  Ms. Benson has assured him that she will work to ensure these conflicts don’t happen in the future.  The winter concerts are scheduled for December 4th and 9th which is a bit earlier than in years past.  Phil reported that he is working with the County Jazz Band comprised of 7 through 9th graders.  He has a conflict with the next FORM meeting. 

Old Business:  Fundraiser review is needed.  Susan will find out from the Booster Club how the Mulch sale runs in regard to group proceeds and individual credit.

Pizza needs to be ordered and paid for by FORM for Wood Middle School night.

New Business:  Fundraiser possibility with Rockland’s BBQ and grilling company

How to handle deposits

Seamstress for choir robes

Susan would like someone to take on membership.  She will send home membership forms with each child involved with the music program. 

The October meeting will in part be dedicated to the Spring Trip. 

8:00 Meeting finished.