September 2011 Minutes

posted Oct 13, 2011, 1:15 PM by RHS Music Department

Minutes:  FORM (Friends of Rockville Music) Meeting

September 12, 2011



Called to order:  7:00 p.m.


Attended:  Susan Townsend-Gray, Phil Barnes, Ron Johnson, Kathy Makos, Jennifer Rossmere, Susan Apter, Holly Shropshire, Wendy Hoffman, Paul Ferguson, Kara Garraty


President’s Report


Susan T. began with introductions around the room and welcoming first time attendees and the new secretary, Kara Garraty.  She discussed the format of the meetings and the secretary’s duties and responsibilities.


Secretary’s Report


As this was the first meeting of the academic year, there was no secretary’s report to read and approve.


Treasurer’s Report


Jennifer presented the treasurer’s report from June 7 through September 12, 2011.  She began by reporting FORM’s beginning balance was $3,137.58, with income from reimbursement of duplicate Yankee Candle Payment of $2371.63 as well as an adjustment for discount for timely payment of sales tax of $ .77.  Jennifer continued by discussing the Urban Burger Fundraiser which brought in $259.15 and the U.S. Open Concession Stand Fundraiser, which a large amount of money was made - $3,377.25. Total income is $6,088.80.  At this time, Phil Barnes discussed whether FORM wanted to move in the direction of pursuing these kinds of fundraisers in the future – He suggested we see how the restaurant fundraisers go and revisit this topic. Jennifer went over the expenses, including refreshments for Navy Band, paper goods and end of year awards, drum major camp scholarship, and the additional money needed to move the piano donated to the school.  Total expenses were $1,531.04.  Phil Barnes explained that a piano had been donated to the music department and the Booster Club offered to help offset some of the cost of moving it. Jennifer went on to explain that there were no funds in the trip account at this time, and any future fundraisers for the Band trip will be used for the 2013 trip as the Band trip is taken every other year.  Jennifer then reported the RHS account balance from the wreath sale and the Yankee candle sale is $469.19.  Jennifer explained the difference between FORM money and RHS money.  Simply put, if the students touch the money it goes to the RHS account – if the parents touch the money it goes to FORM.  Jennifer concluded the Treasurers Report with the Total assets of $8,253.53.  Susan T. moved to approve the Treasurers Report – it was seconded and accepted.



Director’s Report


Ron Johnson discussed the Male Chorus Demonstration Choir -  One student will be going.  He is thinking about state choir and hoping more students will audition. Mr. Johnson said his main objective this year is to get the chorus uniforms.  The ladies gowns are $54.00 and he would like the young ladies to get the pearls and earrings – it gives the girls a more finished look.  Still exploring that with the class – not everyone has pierced ears and clip-ons can be uncomfortable.  The boy’s tuxes are $99.00.  FORM has committed to giving $1200 to offset the total cost of the uniforms.  Mr. Johnson said the total cost for the uniforms will be $3,327.00.  At this point he has a calendar fundraiser in place and is looking to get parents to organize some more fundraisers.  The Mama Lucia fundraiser was discussed – very good fundraiser.  Mr. Johnson confirmed that it is at the Mama Lucia’s in Olney from 5:00 – 10:00.  Mr. Johnson concluded by saying he would like to have the students in their new uniforms by the winter concert.


Mr. Barnes discussed marching band camp – it went well.  He went on to discuss taking the marching band to a Maryland University game to watch the marching band perform. Schedules may not permit this, so he is trying to get them there to watch a rehearsal instead.  All County Jazz auditions are in the beginning of October.  Registration forms are going out Tuesday and are due on Friday.  Mr. Barnes went over what kind of commitment is involved – all dates can be found on the music website on the Calendar.  Mr. Barnes went on to discuss the scheduling issues with jazz ensemble class – there is quite a reduction in the number of students.  He discussed with Dr. Munk how to remedy this situation – they had to manually change some schedules to make it work.  He discussed the need in the future to make jazz ensemble class scheduling a priority and to address the issue before the scheduling is finalized. He went on to address questions and concerns regarding the scheduling process and how it affects students being able to fit band into their schedules.  Some parents were discussing if they should address any of these concerns with the administration.  Mr. Barnes did not feel any parental input was necessary at this point.  Mr. Barnes reported that he will be having another student teacher this year.  She will be here observing for one week in the fall and will return for 8 weeks in the spring through April and May – she will be here for the Spring Concert.


Susan T. expressed the importance of being proactive about scheduling issues and how to best move forward from this point.


Old Business


Susan followed up on what was discussed at the fundraising meeting in July.  The important points were: Family night out at a restaurant,; Putting out a flyer; Encouraging music families to come out.  Susan explained that FORM was trying something new this year with the restaurant fundraisers, which will be in place of Sally Foster.  Susan went on to discuss the wreath sale proceeds – they will go towards the 2013 band trip.  She would like to start thinking of ideas for other fundraisers for the trip to offset the cost.  Susan T. expressed her desire for FORM to come up with ideas to get more recognition – get our name out there.  She discussed putting RHS music students” music behind her power point – would be a good promotional tool.


New Business


Susan T. discussed the possible conflict with the IB party and the Marching Band party.  It was suggested that perhaps the Marching Band party could be combined with the November restaurant fundraiser.  Mr. Barns will run it by the marching band families.  A few suggestions of restaurants were discussed – Cici’s or perhaps Chick-fil-a.  Kathy Makos discussed the Villa Maya night – what dates in October would work.  October 19th was mentioned as a possible date for the fundraiser – she will check on that and let us know.


Susan T. discussed what she felt should be the goals for FORM this year.  She would like to look at creating scholarships for families to offset costs for educating students in music.  The Booster Club is starting a “tier” membership – Susan wondered if FORM should look into this. 


Mr. Barnes concluded by saying that his goals for FORM this year is to get some new blood in – he would like to see new faces.  He wondered how we could bring more families into the meetings.


Susan T. moved to adjourn the meeting.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.


Upcoming events:  Villa Maya family night October 19;