September 2010 Meeting Minutes

posted Dec 22, 2010, 11:30 AM by Phil Barnes


Minutes:  FORM (Friends of Rockville Music) Meeting

September 13, 2010


Attendance:  Phil Barnes, Susan Townsend-Gray, Jennifer Rossmere, Kathy Makos, John Wambach, Susan Apter, Ronald Johnson, Amy Rick, Joan Lane, Mark Olson,  and Karen Griffin


Secretary’s Report from Karen Griffin

Nothing to report


Treasurer’s Report from Jennifer Rossmere

Jennifer presented the treasurer’s report from June 14 through September 14.  She began by saying she filed the yearly tax return.  She continued by reporting the beginning balance of $4,494.07 with income of $16.56 from the Yankee Candle sales tax;  $24.84 from the return of unspent decoration expense; $100.00 donations; $140 from memberships for  total income of $281.40.  Expenses included $231.90 for school letters for Marching Band.  Therefore the ending FORM balance is $4,543.57.  She reported the Student trip balance of $2166.20 was unchanged.  The Treasurer’s Report was accepted without changes. 


President’s Report

Susan introduced herself and asked everyone in the room to introduce themselves.  She continued by saying how excited she was for the upcoming year and how excited she was with the involvement of the students in fundraising for ponchos.  She wants to get more volunteers involved especially for music events throughout the year. 


Director’s Report

Phil began by saying Back to School starts at 7:00 and senior parents will meet at 6:00.  Mr. Johnson said he would like to have membership forms in his classroom to hand out to parents  There was some discussion about having a check off on the bottom of the membership forms depicting the different opportunities for volunteering for the Music Department and Susan agreed to revise the membership form.  Amy asked if the wreath fundraising flyer could be handed out during the back to school night.  Mr. Johnson reported he had two car washes raising $685 for the Chorus.  He said he contacted Baltimore City in Prince Georges to get schools together to do music and to see different schools Chorus rooms.  He continued with talking about the Chorus uniforms and about how he wants to purchase them this year and would like them for a performance at Riderwood.  Mr. Johnson passed around a brochure with Chorus uniforms and a brief a brief discussion ensued about the style of the gowns.  Mr. Johnson said there are 55 in Chorus in which 33 are women.  He said he would like to buy 40 gowns for an estimated cost of $2,360.  He said Tuxes for the boys are estimated at $97.00 each.  There was a suggestion to have parents donate $20.00 each and FORM would loan the rest of the money.  Mark asked about the school jackets but Phil said they were for the Band and that there are some events where both the band and chorus would be performing.  Susan asked about finding some deals such as approaching Sims and Amy agreed that there are other companies that would be willing to discount tuxes.  Kathy suggested brainstorming with the students to come up with some fundraisers.  Phil said he was devoted to getting uniforms for the chorus and suggested using the Sally Foster as a mechanism where FORM would match dollar for dollar with whatever the kids make.  Diane suggested selling bake goods at the school snack bar or selling pizza during Saturday School.  Susan said the Booster Club is asking if any clubs would want to sell spirit wear and the Booster Club would give a percentage.  Another suggestion was food delivery at the football games.  Kids could take orders and deliver to people in the stands.   


Phil talked about the Gaithersburg Parade and said his decision to have the kids wear their summer uniforms was a god decision.  He said he has the Matt Glaser’s Marching Band patches and has parents coming in to sew them on the uniforms for Thursday’s game.  Phil briefly mentioned the Sally Foster Fundraiser gift cards and said the wreath fundraiser will begin on October 29. 


Next topic for discussion was the Music Trip Cruise to Bermuda.  Phil said the plans are to leave on April 11, a week before spring break, out of  Baltimore. He continued by saying he had a lot of support from teacher leadership because he was giving them a lot of notice but did say there were some concerns.  Now he feels Dr. Munk is rethinking the trip and is waiting on Ms. Wilcheck.  He thinks there will be some push back because of the IB testing window.  Amy shares her concerns about the IB testing and asked about accommodations from the teachers and from Ms. Wilcheck..  Diane asked if the trip could be postponed until after the school year.  Phil said no, April is really the only time to do the trip.  Another alternative is possibly going to Atlanta, Georgia.  We would miss two days of school and thought Atlanta would be cheaper but it would depend on the add-ons.  Mark asked about the activities and Phil said there was a lot to do in Atlanta such as Centennial Park, aquarium and Stone Mountain.  There was some brief discussion on the logistics on how to make the cruise work and Mark offered to help expedite passport processing since he works for the State Department. 


John Wambach presented Phil with a briefcase with the funds from the student’s poncho fundraisers.  Phil asked Jennifer to write a check for $675 for FORM’s portion of the ponchos. 


Next Phil identified percussion equipment and drum head replacements in the amount of $1,250 from the wish list.  Amy moved and Karen seconded and it was agreed FORM would buy the equipment. 



Phil told us Sally Foster has changed the percentages they give to schools.  Instead of giving schools 50% as they did last year they are now giving schools 40% of the sales.  Phil talked about Good Counsel event concerts at Rockville and how this might be an opportunity to have more bake sales as another fundraiser opportunity. Last item Phil mention was the All County Auditions will be at Rockville again and FORM will need to provide dinner again. 


Upcoming Events:  Oct 9 Chick-Fil-A Fundraiser; Marching Band Competition on October 16; MCPS Junior Honors Audition-November 9; Jazz Clinic with Chris Vadala- November 11; Chick-Fil-A- November 9; MCPS Senior Honors Audition-November 16; Club Pictures-November 18; Marching Band End of Season Party-November 18; Senior All State Auditions-November 20.


Meeting adjourned at 8:30.