October 2010 Meeting Minutes

posted Dec 22, 2010, 11:32 AM by Phil Barnes


Minutes:  FORM (Friends of Rockville Music) Meeting

October 12, 2010


Attendance:  Phil Barnes, Ronald Johnson, Maggie Brusted, Susan Townsend-Gray, Amy Rick, Jennifer Rossmere, Kathy Makos, Ann Horwich, Sonia Meneses, and Karen Griffin



Director’s Report

Phil began by saying the student teacher was teaching the music classes and he was teaching the AP music theory.  He said she was also helping with the drumline.  He continued by saying the USSBA competition is at Towson at 7:00 on Saturday and he will be talking it up during all the classes.  He said there will be seven Montgomery County bands competing which is more participation then he can remember.  Mr. Barnes said he is busy with all the ensembles and that John Wambach made the All County Jazz Band.  He continued by saying Chris Vadala will be doing his annual Jazz Clinic in November, the All County Jazz Festival will be in December and another Jazz festival in January.  He continued by saying Rockville will be hosting Leggett’s inaugural ceremony in December.  He said the All County Auditions are scheduled next month and FORM usually does bake sales as fundraisers.  Next he said Good Counsel will be holding their concerts at Rockville this year because they do not have an auditorium.  We have another Chick-Fil-A fundraiser in November.  He continued by saying Rockville will be hosting the Honor Auditions and providing dinners for the judges.   Kathy asked about the  tickets to the USSBA competition and Barnes said to purchase tickets through him. 


A question was asked if parents from Good Counsel would buy bake goods from Rockville if we did a bake sale.  It was decided not to have a bake sale for the Good Counsel event in November but would try one in December.  Amy said there is nothing wrong with asking Good Counsel if they would want a bake sale.  Barnes said the ponchos have been ordered and will call to see where the order is.  He continued by saying the end of year Marching Band party will be held jointly with the APP in November and the paper plate awards will be held in the band room afterward.


The next topic of discussion was the Music Trip.  Mr. Barnes said the trip has been changed from a cruise to a trip to Atlanta, Georgia.  He said students will miss two days of school before Spring Break and will be back on Sunday night. The tentative trip plan is to tour the Coke factory, a performance with dinner at Hard Rock Café, Six Flags and a tour of the Aquarium.  He said the tentative cost will be $475 per student. 


Secretary’s Report from Karen Griffin

September Minutes were accepted without change.


Treasurer’s Report from Jennifer Rossmere

Jennifer presented the treasurer’s report from September 13 through October 11.  She began by reporting FORM’s beginning balance of $4,543.57 with income of $340 from memberships; $100 in donations and $50 donation for ponchos for a total income of $490.  Expenses included $675 FORM’s contribution towards the Marching Band Ponchos.  Therefore the ending FORM balance is $4,358.57.  She reported the Student trip balance of $2166.20 was unchanged.  The Treasurer’s Report was accepted without changes. 


President’s Report

Susan T. began by saying she received an email from 300 Shady Grove Bowling introducing themselves as a good fundraiser for Rockville.  She said the IB kids have to put in 150 hours of community service and thought this would be a good opportunity for another fundraiser for the kids to organize.  Susan also said she had an email from Ruth Grossman who asked if Rockville had a senior music scholarship program, how it was organized and whether the Music Booster Club carries liability insurance.  Amy said Rockville doesn’t have insurance because are events are small.  Mr. Johnson said he will ask Baltimore City High School if they have insurance and how they organize the scholarship because he knows they give them out.  Susan T. thought the PTSA was covered by Maryland and they are audited.  She didn’t believe the Booster Club gave out scholarships either but will check.


Susan T. said the fundraiser at Chick-Fil-A was fun and thought we could have a parent volunteer for each event.  She thought we could do something similar as Kathy’s Marching Band spreadsheet.  Ann said it would need more specifics with more specific times on the chart.  Kathy said the Booster Club had better software because the music department software is not working correctly. 


The subject of providing dinners for the judges during the Honors Audition was brought up.  Jennifer said it cost FORM about $300 to provide sandwiches, chips and drinks for the two nights.  One suggestion was to have someone from  FORapproach Dr. Munk and Ms. Gamage to see if there was money to pay for the judges instead of having FORM pay.  After some discussion it was decided FORM would not provide dinner for the judges. 


The last item discussed was FORM contribution to the Choral Uniform fundraiser effort.  Susan moved and Ann seconded that FORM would contribute $1200 towards uniforms. 



Amy talked about the upcoming Wreath and Poinsettias fundraiser scheduled to begin on October 29 through November 12.  She said FORM decided to continue using Behnke for poinsettias and were going to use Holloway’s Evergreens for the decorated wreaths.  She wanted to confirm the delivery date of December 3 for both the wreaths and the poinsettias, with pickup on December 4.  She said Holloway’s wreaths come in boxes which are great for gift giving.  She said customers were disappointed with the undecorated wreaths last year.  She continued by saying the decorated wreaths were a little more expensive but thought they would be worth the cost.  She said she will need help with the distribution on pick up day and with inputting the orders into a spreadsheet.  Jennifer said she will help with the spreadsheet and Karen said she will help with distribution.  Amy said this will be her last year with this fundraiser and is hoping someone will volunteer to do it next year.  Kathy said there are a lot of parents involved this year for Marching Band and thought someone would step forward and volunteer for next year. 



Upcoming Events:  MCPS Junior Honors Audition-November 9; Jazz Clinic with Chris Vadala- November 11; Chick-Fil-A- November 13; MCPS Senior Honors Audition-November 16; Club Pictures-November 18; Marching Band End of Season Party-November 18; Senior All State Auditions-November 20; Piano/Guitar Recital- December 6; Winter Concert (Symphonic, Concert and Marching Band- December 9; MCPS Big Band Jazz Festival- December 11; Chick-Fil-A-December 11; Winter Concert (Jazz Ensemble, Orchestra & Chorus)- December 14; Recruiting Concert at Wood- December 22; Towson Jazz Festival- January 21.




Meeting adjourned at 8:30.