November 2010 Meeting Minutes

posted Dec 22, 2010, 11:32 AM by Phil Barnes


Minutes:  FORM (Friends of Rockville Music) Meeting

November 8, 2010


Attendance:  Phil Barnes, Maggie Brasted, Susan Townsend-Gray, Amy Rick, Jennifer Rossmere, Susan Apter, Wendy & Sid Hoffman, Kathy Makos, Ann Horwich, Joselyn Chiou, and Karen Griffin



Director’s Report

Phil began by saying the football team made the playoffs therefore rehearsals will continue.  He continued by saying the Marching Band was very successful at the USSBA competition winning second in group.  He announced that 14 kids went to Baltimore on Wednesday to rehearse with the Raven’s Band and 7 kids performed with the band on Sunday.  Next Phil said the end of season Marching Band dinner will be on Thursday at Rockville in cooperation with the After Prom Party.  He continued by saying after dinner the kids will come back to the band room for the awards and he will play the DVD from the competition.  He reminded the group that the All County Auditions will be held tomorrow night and said he still needs help during the second shift.  Then Phil announced that Chris Vadala is scheduled for his annual Jazz Clinic on Thursday from 12:30-2:30. Phil continued by saying Leggett’s inauguration is scheduled in December at Rockville in the auditorium and said the orchestra has been asked to perform.  Susan A. asked if the inauguration will be open to the public and Phil responded by saying it is by invitation only.  He continued by saying the Winter Concert is scheduled for December 9 with symphonic, concert and marching band performing and on December 14 with the jazz, orchestra and chorus performing.  He said he is working on getting some events scheduled, one with the Navy Band to perform a free concert in February, possibly on the 17th in the auditorium and another the Towson Jazz festival.  He said that Towson is hosting the festival and is getting a guest clinician from the Dave Mathews Band.  He continued by saying he has contacted the New Century, a saxophone quartet, and Tower of Power and is in hopes of having them perform at Rockville.  He said he is trying to find a venue for an orchestra performance.


Next Phil showed a PowerPoint presentation of the Spring Music Trip.  He said he asked for commitments by next Friday with the first payment in December of $100, $150 in January and $150 in February.  He said in the beginning of April he will hold a parent meeting to go over the final plans.   The date of the trip is April 14 through18 and is expecting the cost to be $475 per kid. 


It was decided that FORM will not do a bake sale at Good Counsel’s Concert.


Phil sent an email on November 15 asking FORM if they wanted to continue to buy hot dogs for the members of the Pep Band after the Basketball games.  FORM officers via email agreed to buy hotdogs for the kids after the games.  Phil also sent an email on November 15 asking FORM if they wanted to buy an ad in the yearbook and FORM officers agree to buy the same size ad as last year via email.


Secretary’s Report from Karen Griffin

October Minutes were accepted without change.


Treasurer’s Report from Jennifer Rossmere

Jennifer presented the treasurer’s report from October 12 through November 8.  She began by reporting FORM’s beginning balance of $4,358.47 with income of $125 and $290 from Sally Foster donation; $3,320 from Sally Foster fundraiser for a total income of $3,825.  Jennifer said 166 Sally Foster gift cards were sold, out of which Sally Foster gets 60% of the sales.  Other years we got 50% of the sales.  Susan T said so this year we will get about $1328 of which half will go towards the Music Trip.  Jennifer continued by saying Mr. Johnson sold the most.  Jennifer said last year Sally Foster made about $2600.  She continued by saying there were no expenses to report therefore the ending FORM balance is $8,183.47.  She reported the Student trip balance of $2166.20 was unchanged.  The Treasurer’s Report was accepted without changes. 


President’s Report

Susan T. began by saying the Sally Foster Fundraiser didn’t do as well and she thought FORM might explore supplementing with other fundraisers.  She continued by saying FORM is not always about the Marching Band and she wanted to make sure everyone is included at the meetings.  She asked Mr. Barnes if the judges knew FORM wasn’t supplying dinner this year for the auditions and he said they know.  The next item discussed was whether FORM wanted to do bake sales during both audition nights.  After some discussion it was decided to have the bake sale for the Junior Honor Auditions and not for the Senior Auditions. 



Amy talked about the upcoming Wreath and Poinsettias fundraiser.  She said Behnke is not doing poinsettias this year but gave her the name of another supplier called Willow Run.  She said the plants look bigger and liked the new supplier.  She said she cannot accept late order because the delivery scheduled is a bit more complicated this year because of getting the wreaths from one supplier and the poinsettias from another.  She said she will have one pickup day on Sunday, December 5, from 12:00 pm – 4:00pm.  Ann Horwich volunteered to compile the orders with Kathy helping.  Amy said she will order extra poinsettias to raffle off at the concerts and will pay up front and be reimbursed later.  She was concern about how she was going to get reimbursed since checks will be addressed to Rockville High School, not FORM.  A brief discussion ensued about the change in policy and about how FORM will fundraise in the future.  The discussion was tabled until Susan T and Phil scheduled a meeting with Ms. Gamage.  



Upcoming Events:  Winter Concert (Jazz Ensemble, Orchestra & Chorus)- December 14; Pep Band – December 17, January 7, January 11, January 26; Recruiting Concert at Wood- December 22; Instrumental Cluster Concert- January 12; Towson Jazz Festival- January 21; Yankee Candle Fundraiser- January 28.




Meeting adjourned at 8:45.