Minutes 9/9/12

posted Oct 8, 2012, 2:25 PM by Phil Barnes



September 9, 2013 Meeting


Holly Shropshire opened up the meeting with introductions and welcomed new members .

President’s Report

Holly discussed what FORM did over the summer – the fundraising needs for this upcoming year, funds needed for the upcoming trip and how that works.  Holly then discussed the Booster Club – she expressed the need they have for help in the snack bar for the ongoing sports games throughout the year – since 10% of their proceeds goes towards Marching Band, she encouraged FORM to make an effort to help out where needed.

Secretary’s Report

The minutes were reviewed.  Susan Townsend Gray moved to approve, Ron Johnson seconded.  The minutes were approved.

Director’s Report

Ron Johnson discussed the chorus tuxes and gowns – they are being altered by a parent who has volunteered her time.    Ron then discussed how the chorus students will be working closely with area Elementary and Middle Schools – RHS chorus students will go to the schools and work with their chorus classes – singing along with them and possibly recording the sessions – very exciting!  All-state junior and senior chorus dates are coming up – three students are going.  Holly asked if we should compensate the parent who has volunteered to alter the chorus uniforms.  Ron said he would like to put it under a dry cleaning fee and submit it to the office - $7 per student.  He will see how that goes and if it is not well received, he would like to request that FORM help with the cost.

Phil Barnes is very frustrated with the scheduling issues this year – 32 students have conflicts.  Adding to this, it seems that some of the students are going to the counselors requesting they be allowed to drop the class because it is too hard – the new counselors are signing off on these requests with no notification given to Phil.  Marching Band is going well – a little slow but it is coming along.  We have a very young group but they are progressing.  Phil discussed the pit cover – it has been inspected and the building services crew has been trained on the set up and removal.  There is an understanding in place that the cover remains in place until the musical – and is then put back in place at the completion of the musical.  The students have an equipment check coming up on 9/28.

Old Business

Holly discussed the fundraising schedule for this year.  Innisbrook , our Fall fundraiser, will be starting soon.  The restaurant fundraisers are ongoing throughout the year.  The wreath/poinsettia sale is our Winter fundraiser and Yankee Candle starts in the Spring.

Wendy Hoffman has come up with a schedule she handed out with the dates and locations of the restaurant fundraisers.  She went over how the fundraisers work with the new members.

Jennifer Rossmere discussed Innisbrook.  This fundraiser will go directly towards the trip, with the students getting 50% of the profit – the sale will go from 9/21 to 10/5.  Jennifer needs to get approval ASAP so the packages will get here on time.  Phil will talk to Mrs. Gamage and have an answer for Jennifer Tuesday morning.

Holly said the wreaths and poinsettias will be available for pick up at her house 11/30, 12/1 & 12/2.  Barnes and Noble fundraiser and performance will be in February.  Bake sales were discussed, as well as a gift card raffle – they are great opportunities for raising funds.  There was also discussion about selling flowers at the concerts.  Phil Barnes mentioned that RHS is hosting the All County Auditions on November 13th – this would be a great opportunity for a bake sale.

Treasurer’s Report

Tracey Lankler reported that membership is up from last year.  Our totals for the month of September equal the total amount received last year.  The Treasurer’s Report was reviewed as follows:  Income included $135 for t-shirts, $50 in donations, $99.26 for membership dues with total income at $284.26.  Expenses included instrument repair class for Mr. Barnes at $250, End of Year Awards at $1,748.18, and Decorations for Music Banquet at $62.05 for an expense total of $2,060.23.  Our ending FORM balance is $1,952.13.  Our trip balance remains the same at $890.45.  Our total assets are $2,931.58.  Jennifer Rossmere moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report, Phil Barnes seconded and the report was approved.

Tracey suggested a spreadsheet be created to keep track of FORM members and their contact information.

New Business

Phil Barnes went over the trip – he did a quick overview of the all inclusive benefits and the traveling details – he is still waiting for final approval from the office but will most likely be informing the students this week about the trip and giving them handouts with details etc.

Holly mentioned making Web presents – people can donate online to a students’ trip.  More details will follow at the next meeting.

Phil Barnes discussed the Marching Band trailer – he went over the details of how we have outgrown the old trailer owned by a parent in the community – most schools rent a trailer at the cost of $300+/- a season.  Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of red tape involved w/ MCPS.  Tom Hornsby has volunteered to rent the vehicle upfront and give FORM the receipts for reimbursement. 

Phil Barnes moved that FORM would reimburse up to $500 to cover the expenses incurred by Tom Hornsby for the Marching Band season.  The motion was carried and approved.

Holly mentioned a Jewish holiday that conflicted with our scheduled May potluck dinner – she wanted to see if the date could be changed to accommodate – unfortunately it is way too complicated at that time of year – the calendar is way too tight.  Also, it was mentioned that taking out an ad in The Rampage may be a good idea – the paper is looking to promote the arts much more this year.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:18 p.m.