Minutes 5/7/12

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Minutes:  FORM (Friends of Rockville Music)


May 7, 2012



Attendance:  Susan Townsend Gray, Ron Johnson, Phil Barnes, Holly Shropshire, Kathy Makos, Jennifer Rossmere, Susan Apter, Wendy Hoffman, Beth Peterson, Amy Rick, Tracey Lankler, Jennifer Woo


Presidents Report


Susan Townsend Gray opened up by thanking everyone for coming out tonight.  Introductions were made for the benefit of Jennifer Woo, who will be RHS Marching Band Drum Major for 2012-2013, and for any other new attendees.  Susan discussed public relations for the recent fundraiser – the PR was difficult because it was during Drama and several of the students were in the show and pit crew.  Susan went on to express how happy she was to finally see the pit cover issue resolved – the pit cover will be on except during the spring musical.  Susan discussed the roses for the seniors – it was nice that they were recognized – this was the largest senior group in quite some time.  Susan talked about going to State – the students did very well and received an excellent rating – it was great to see Dr. Munk there – she stayed the whole time and really seemed to enjoy herself. 


Secretary’s Report


The minutes were reviewed and Susan Townsend Gray moved to approved – motion was seconded.  The minutes were approved.


Treasurer’s Report


Jennifer Rossmere presented the Treasurer’s Report.  The beginning balance is $3,319.06 with income from Panera Fundraiser $217, T-Shirts $465, Bake sale for Spring chorus/jazz $98.80 and band/orchestra $217.45, and Membership $20 totaling $1,018.25 in income.  Expenses were $193.50 for ½ day subs for Festivals and $57.66 for roses for seniors with total expenses at $251.16.  Our ending balance is $4,086.15.  The trip balance remains the same at $890.45 and the cash in the cash box is at $89.00.  Total assets are $5,065.45.  There being no changes to the Treasurer’s Report it was moved to approve – the motion was seconded and the Treasurer’s Report was approved.


Director’s Report


Ron Johnson discussed the two car washes coming up for fundraising for chorus members – in need of seed money.  Ron Johnson said he was looking forward to the upcoming commencement ceremony, as were the students.  A chorus parent has generously volunteered to hem the chorus uniforms for next year.


Phil Barnes said the musical went well – very crowded in the pit this time around but they made it work.  The army reps presented Eddie Kirk with a plaque in Band class – very nice.  Phil Barnes said he was happy with the scores from Orchestra @ State – the students were happy as well.  Phil went to Maryvale to observe – Phil and Ms. Tauber want to make this a regular event for recruitment at the elementary school level.  Phil informed the group that there will not be an IB music class for next year – not enough students signed up – but he is hopeful that it can become a class offered every other year.  He is, however, happy to have two orchestra classes this year – better opportunity for students to play at their own level – better learning environment.  Symphonic Band is getting ready for Strathmore and graduation ceremony.  Phil is getting the marching band ready for next year.  The potluck is coming up next Thursday and we are trying to start at 6:30 this year as there are so many seniors and we want to make sure they are all recognized.  Phil mentioned that Rachel Lader’s last day is next Friday. 


At this point, there was an informal discussion about the importance of the IB, AP and music theory classes at Rockville.  The point was made that these classes are imperative for students wishing to continue their music studies in college.


Old Business


Roses for the seniors and the concert follow-ups were discussed in the Presidents Report.  There was some discussion about all students remaining for the entire evening during their performance night.  It was mentioned that it is very distracting to others when they leave right after their performance, and disrespectful towards their fellow musicians.  Mr. Johnson thanked everyone for their helpful remarks and said he will take steps to ensure this does not happen.


New Business


Susan Townsend Gray discussed reaching out to the Hispanic population and translating FORM posts, announcements etc. into Spanish.  Susan mentioned receiving a call from Claire’s Gourmet about doing a fundraiser – they are very enthusiastic – she will talk to Ms. Gamage about what the students can sell.  Susan would also like to reach out to Elaine Parks about doing a fundraiser – she sells Tastefully Simple – would be nice to work with a Rockville parent.  Susan asked Phil and Ron if they needed anything for graduation – they do not. 



Holly Shropshire asked about the new students coming in – since we are losing so many seniors.  Both Phil and Ron are optimistic – there seems to be a good group of students coming in who have had the benefit of a dedicated music teacher at the middle school level.


Susan introduced Jennifer Woo, who had a request for FORM that she wanted to present.  Jennifer would like FORM to sponsor her for half of the tuition to attend Marching Band Camp this summer to prepare her for her role as Drum Major next year.  Wendy Hoffman made a motion to give Jennifer Woo ½ of the tuition - $250.00 – towards her camp tuition.  Amy Rick seconded – the motion was approved.


Susan Townsend Gray will not be able to attend the potluck next Thursday due to back surgery.  She would like to make sure everything is in place and that we start at 6:30 instead of 7:00 – in addition to the large number of seniors to be recognized, there are AP and IB exams still scheduled for the next day, as well as the Symphonic Band’s performance at Strathmore Hall.  It was discussed that we will put our usual $100 towards decorations for the potluck and a sign-up genius will be up and running for volunteers to help out.


The proposed officers for FORM were introduced as follows:


President:                    Holly Shropshire


Vice President:            Wendy Hoffman


Treasurer:                    vacant


Secretary:                    Kara Garraty (returning)


A motion was made to approve the officers, it was seconded.  The officers were approved.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.