Minutes 2/13/12

posted Mar 21, 2012, 8:14 AM by Phil Barnes

Minutes:  FORM (Friends of Rockville Music)

February 13, 2012


Attendance:  Wendy Hoffman, Beth Peterson, Holly Shropshire, Joyce Rosenthal, Tracy Lankler, Kara Garraty, Jennifer Rossmere, Ann Horwich, Susan Apter, Susan Townsend Gray, Phil Barnes, Ron Johnson

Susan Townsend Gray opened up the meeting by welcoming all attendees and asking for introductions around the room.

President’s Report

Susan Townsend Gray discussed the meeting with the seniors she had before our FORM meeting this evening.  The seniors would like to sell serenades to students, to be performed by the music students, to bring attention to the music department at RHS.  A concern voiced by Mr. Barnes in that meeting was the objection by the administration regarding the interruption of instruction time during the school day. It was suggested that they would propose to the administration that the serenades would be performed during the scheduled lunch period.  The seniors were excited by the prospect of spirit wear for the music department.  Susan T. reported on the feedback from the Booster Club regarding the spirit wear.  The Booster Club cannot sell the spirit wear for us because they cannot sell for specific teams or school organizations – we can set up a table and sell at the football games, basketball games etc. on our own.  They gave Susan T. contacts that they have used in the past for her to call and speak to directly.  Susan T. will e-mail everyone once she has come up with some possibilities.  Susan thanked the choral department for the bake sale at the cluster concert.  The Band will run the bake sale for the choral cluster concert coming up in March.  This exchange seems to work out well.


The minutes were reviewed and, there being no changes, Susan T. moved to approve and it was seconded.  The minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Ron Johnson asked for a fundraiser completion report.  Jennifer Rossmere put together a complete wish list for the Music Department this year.  The report was reviewed and discussed.  Some items were designated as must have’s – specifically the items needed to outfit existing band equipment with sturdier frames to survive the marching band season and consequently, long term survival of instruments.  Also, Ron Johnson needed to purchase new music immediately – this was on the wish list and was funded upon approval of the board members through an e-mail request.  The Treasurer’s report was discussed, including the addition of the Mama Lucia Fundraiser monies totaling $419, the most we have made in restaurant fundraisers so far.  Also, the chorus bake sale profits of $274.35.  The expenses included the Maryland sales tax from the wreath/poinsettia sale for $286.52 and the music for chorus for $343.99.  Total assets for FORM are $9,630.39.  Susan Apter moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report, it was seconded.  The Treasurer’s Report was approved.

Director’s Report

Ron Johnson thanked FORM for responding so quickly to his request for funds to purchase more music – the music has arrived and he is getting ready for the cluster concert.  Upcoming events include:  singing at Wood Middle School tomorrow; going to Meadow Hall on 2/23; Barnes and Noble on 2/22; Choral Cluster Concert on 3/5; Montgomery Cty. Ensemble Concert – 4 students will be performing; 3/30 – 4/1 some students going to Ithica for Gospel Concert.  Ron Johnson spoke about the upcoming Wood concert and how important it is to support – we need new students.  Ron is very pleased with all the students – very good voices – good group of kids.  He wants to really thank the parents for all their support.

Phil Barnes said the cluster concert was a huge success – thank you to everyone who helped make it possible.  Items of interest this month:

- RHS students went to perform at Meadow Hall during international night.

- Wood auditions were amazing – 100% retention – very focused – good prospects – positive energy.

- Pep Band going great – final event this Friday night

- Jazz Ensemble – Towson jazz Festival – Dave Samuels – Master Class – great educational stuff there.

- All County – finished that up – everyone played well in general.  Nomination system worked great – huge success

- Jazz Ensemble performed at Black History Month celebration

- Invited to the Southern MD Jazz Festival – 3/24 – hopefully it will work out.

-  Pit Orchestra rehearsing Thursday afternoon – needs a harpist – working on it

- Equipment checks next week

- Barnes & Noble Chamber Concert – good amount of students performing – very nice concert – 7:00 in conjunction with the Bookfair

Susan Apter asked if we could get the Barnes & Noble Fundraiser/Performance put on the school webpage.

Holly Shropshire asked about Festival – Mr. Barnes explained about 3 pieces of music is played – they receive an overall rating.

Old Business

Bookfair:  Susan T. needs to get flyer to parents – will distribute quickly.  Susan asked that we table discussion of PR until the next meeting to keep our meeting on schedule.

Budget:  Ron Johnson needs more money for uniforms – this request was approved.

The Wish List was discussed item by item – it was suggested we put together a certain amount each year to replace risers.  Questions then arose as to if the school should pay for replacement of the risers since they are using them for other groups – award ceremonies etc. – we will table that issue while Mr. Johnson checks with Dr. Munk.       

Susan T. discussed flowers for the seniors – very meaningful – she would like to start a tradition for future classes. 

Meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.