Minutes 1/9/12

posted Feb 17, 2012, 12:29 PM by Phil Barnes

Minutes:  FORM (Friend of Rockville Music)

January  9, 2012

Attendance:  Susan Townsend Gray, Kathy Makos, Amy Rick, Jennifer Rossmere, Kara Garraty, Cathy Stec, Phil Barnes, Ron Johnson, Ann Horwich, Wendy Hoffman, Susan Apter, Holly Shropshire, Elaine Parks

Seniors:  Sam Elmore, John Wambach, Kaitlyn Townsend Gray

Presidents Report

Susan T. opened up the meeting with introductions and welcoming everyone to the meeting.  She said her two main goals for this meeting were to discuss spending money, as well as sharing ideas and observations with the seniors in attendance.  Susan T. wanted to let them know that they are always welcome to attend FORM meetings and share their ideas and suggestions.


Susan T. asked that everyone take a few moments to review the minutes.  There being no changes to the minutes, Amy Rick moved to approve and Jennifer Rossmere seconded.  The minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Jennifer went over the Treasurer’s Report:  Membership $20, Donation $10, wreath/poinsettia fundraiser $90, 12/8 Band/Orch. Bake Sale $232.40, 12/13 Choir/Jazz Bake Sale $155.34 – Total Income $507.74.  Total Expenses: $0.00.  Money attributable to students from Wreath Sale moved to trip balance:  -$890.45.  Ending FORM balance $8,618.85.  Trip Balance:  $890.45.  Total Assets including $89 in cash box: $9,598.30.  FORM received check from Mama Lucia in the amount of $419 – most money FORM has made with restaurant fundraisers so far – good fundraiser.  Susan T. moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report, motion was seconded.  The Treasurer’s Report was approved.

Directors Report

Ron Johnson discussed the Bake Sale – he said they are covered.  Chorus will run the Bake Sale during the upcoming band performances since they are not performing in this cluster concert.  The chorus cluster concert is March 5th.

Phil Barnes said recruiting concert at wood was very successful – the kids were very excited – would like to make it a yearly thing.  Pep Band had good turnout at Friday’s game – really good things happening between students and Pep Band – great vibe.  The call time for upcoming Cluster Concert is 6:00.  Phil Barnes is looking for about 15 parent/student volunteers.  The Ensemble photos are scheduled for January 27th – Pit Orchestra is not until early February.  Phil thanked all who came out to see his quartet play at Mormon Temple in December.

Kathy Makos asked the seniors how they thought the Wood visit went – what worked?  John W. and Sam E. said it went really well – they think Ms. Tauber is doing a really good job getting the kids interested in music.  Kaitlyn said it was fun to see jazz band, marching band and color guard.



Old Business

Cathy Stec is helping with Public Relations and behind the scenes work – she has contacted Wood to find out who they contact to get the word out about concerts and getting on feeder schools listserve. Elaine wants to make sure the Barnes and Noble flyers are being given out at the cluster concert – Kathy Makos will copy – should be sent out to feeder schools as well.  Vouchers will also be needed for Barnes and Noble – make sure to mention that online ordering is good for one week after the fundraiser/performance.  Susan T. wants to get numbers on attendance – how can we improve the numbers and get the word out.  Discussion began about advertising in the gazette.

Along this same topic, John W. and Sam E. did not think the morning announcements “interview” worked well.   They discussed the idea of posting the Barnes and Noble performance on the electronic sign.

Discussion began about setting up facebook and e-mail for FORM – not relying only on Phil Barnes – FORM can post flyers and video clips on facebook.  Important for parents to know what FORM is doing – what money is being raised.  Perhaps more advanced PR should have been done for the cluster concerts – the more info we get our there the better – FORM is doing great things and parents and community needs to know about it.  Amy Rick stressed the importance of parents needing a place to be in their child’s music education – a parent run organization is just the place – sometimes FORM works so closely with the Music Department that people may not distinguish between the two.  It was also brought up that we should make better use of ramsnet and connect-ed.

New Business

Susan T. asked the Directors what they would like to spend FORM money on.  Ron Johnson’s wishlist consists of $500 for uniforms – shirts, gowns, tuxes; and $500 for new music.  He mentioned that in the near future he would need new risers – Amy Rick suggested they investigate this sooner rather than later as FORM has a good deal of money in the budget to spend at this time.

Phil Barnes distributed a list of his wishlist items.  He divided it between immediate needs and would like to have’s.  His total for essential items was $3945.  Essentially his need is to outfit the percussion equipment with sturdier frames to survive the marching band season.

Amy Rick mentioned spirit wear for the Music Department.  Would we go through Booster Club?  We would pay for the shirts – would Booster sell them?  There was a general consensus that there is a good market for spirit wear for the Music Department.  Phil Barnes offered to talk to the Booster Club Representative.

Susan T. asked the seniors what they would have liked to see happen with the Music Department. What do they think is important?

John W., Sam E. & Kaitlyn T. would like to see:

                -the instruments restored to good working order

                -Advertising! Get the word out about what a great Music Department RHS has

                -Music field trips – chance to see professional musicians perform

                -new stands

Holly Shropshire asked if the Marching Band could advertise towards the end of the previous season for next year – vacation plans prohibit many potential participants from attending the Marching Band Camp in August. 

Sam E. strongly believes that the more musicians can get the crowd involved at the concerts and the football games, the better they will understand and respond.

Susan T. agrees that seeing professional musicians live would be very beneficial.  Students can see that there are careers in music – good for giving them a different perspective.  Phil Barnes said the cost and the hoops he has to jump through with administration is a nightmare.

Discussion ensued about perhaps making it an afterschool activity – apparently the county is still very intrusive.  Perhaps FORM could handle it as a FORM Trip?  Or maybe an independent trip outside of school – maybe discount on tickets?

Phil Barnes mentioned that they are still working on the Baltimore Symphony and, the Symphonic Band will perform with the Dallas Band in May @ Strathmore.

Kathy Makos asked if the students could get together a list of the instruments in need of repair and any other wishes or concerns they had.  Phil Barnes said it was news to him that there were instruments in need of repair – the students need to let him know.  He also mentioned that he just bought new stands for the music room.

Susan T. asked how to make the Music Dept. more financially feasible for families.  She would like to have a scholarship program in place.  Maybe Marching Band could offer  a uniform hat as a welcome to Marching Band.  Cost should not prevent students/parents from participating in music.

Susan T. wondered if FORM should have a PR budget – to include printing costs etc.  Do we want to vote on this tonight?

Upcoming fundraisers – should we try Panera Bread or the Greek Café?  Urban BBQ is out – not ready for us yet.  Should we do a fundraiser for Barnes and Noble Performance night – maybe at Silver Diner?  still discussing this.  Panera Bread is a good choice for January 25th.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:35