Minutes 12/12/11

posted Jan 17, 2012, 2:33 PM by Phil Barnes

Minutes:  FORM (Friends of Rockville Music) Meeting

December 12, 2011


Attendance:  Susan Townsend Gray, Jennifer Rossmere, Kathy Makos, Holly Shropshire, Amy Rick, Ron Johnson, Phil Barnes, Beth Peterson, Wendy Hoffman, Susan Apter, Ann Horwich, Kara Garraty



Presidents Report


Discussion regarding clearing fundraisers with office before setting date – December is an issue apparently.  Kathy Makos asked about the Urban BBQ fundraiser – what is the procedure to schedule.  We do not want to schedule during the Wood fundraisers or finals week – Jan. 25th looks good.




Susan T. Gray would like to review minutes – Phil Barnes corrected the mention of the December performance of his jazz group – it should read saxophone quartet – Susan T. Gray moved to approve the minutes – motion was seconded – minutes were approved.


Treasurers Report


Jennifer went over the report – Beginning FORM Balance as of 11/14/11 is $8,283.66. The wreath/poinsettia income with orders totaled $5,000, we had a $50 donation towards chorus gowns and  a $20 membership check leaving us with a total income of $5,070.  Under expenses, the wreath and poinsettias payment was $3,152.10 and the chorus gowns were $1,200, leaving total expenses at $4,352.10.  Our ending FORM balance is $9,001.56.  Both the trip balance and the RHS balance are $0.00 at this time.  With $89.00 in the cash box, FORM’s total assets for this month total $9,090.56.  Susan T. Gray said that one half of the wreath/poinsettias sale profit goes to the students for the Band Trip next year.  Susan T. Gray moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report – the motion was seconded and the Treasurer’s Report was approved.




Ron Johnson thanked FORM for the gowns – the boys’ shirts were too small but they made it work.  Two girls auditioned for All-State chorus – one of the girls made it – the other student admitted that with so many outside commitments she did not have time to prepare as well as she would have liked. He went on to say that the cluster concert will happen and hopefully all chorus students will participate.


Phil Barnes said there was a good list of students who made all-county/all state – good representation from Rockville.  He is looking forward to starting up the musical – it is a big production.  He then spoke about pep band – 30 students came out for pep band - great turnout!  The next basketball game is not until after the break, and there are four games total that the pep band will perform at.


Phil Barnes said the winter concert went well – he wanted to make sure that everyone knows about the You Tube archive that we can access.  Jazz did well at county with an overall score of 2.  This is a good score for having new members as well as part-time members. 


Phil Barnes moved on to discuss the cluster concert, which is on January 11.  Maryvale will not participate.  Flower Valley will participate – Meadow Hall has such a small group but they are going to try to make it work – their principal is very supportive of the program and really wants to participate.


On a side note, Phil Barnes is looking for a refrigerator donation if anyone can help – he will also post his request on ramsnet.


Susan T. Gray wanted to thank Amy Rick and Holly Shropshire for a great wreath sale.  She was interested in any feedback and suggestions for how to make it run even smoother next year. It was suggested that the forms be tweaked a little to list who will be picking up the order.  Also, did FORM want to look into credit card usage for the wreath sale?  Amy Rick agrees that the forms need some tweaking – they need to be more user friendly for families outside the music department.  Amy also said they may want to be stricter about add-on orders – there needs to be a firm commitment.  Phil Barnes asked Amy if it would be better to have a credit card to use to pay ahead of time for the entire order, rather than the Parent in charge paying upfront.  Amy said the money was generally in the account in enough time – it was a matter of convenience for her to pay and then get reimbursed, rather than a necessity.


Old Business


Villa Maya is the next fundraiser and will be held in March – no fundraiser in February because of Barnes and Noble performance.  Susan T. Gray discussed how to boost PR for the fundraisers.  It was mentioned that FORM can advertise in the Leisure World paper for free.  Susan mentioned that the upcoming cluster concert was something that they would really like to advertise for.  FORM will continue to use connect-ed – even though they were a day late with their announcement.  Hopefully, next time will work better.


New Business


Susan T. Gray would like to invite parents of seniors in marching band to discuss best ways to recruit new members, and to exchange ideas of how best to offset costs.  Susan would also like to invite seniors to discuss what they liked about their experience and what they wished to see happen in the future.  Hopefully, February/March would be a good time.  Discussion ensued about how members missed having students attend meetings – maybe we can start that up again.


Having no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.


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