Minutes 12/10/12

posted Jan 15, 2013, 8:13 AM by Phil Barnes

Friends of Rockville Music (FORM)


December 10, 2012


Attendance:  Hollly Shropshire, Wendy Hoffman, Tracey Lankler, Kara Garraty, Jennifer Rossmere, Susan Townsend Gray, Ron Johnson, Beth Peterson, Al Taylor, Chris Emond, Paul & Pamela Loebach


Holly Shropshire opened the meeting with introductions.  There was a Wood parent attending the meeting so Holly gave a brief overview of FORM’s mission and working relationship with the Rockville Music Department and the cluster schools and community. 

President’s Report

Holly met with Phil about a senior ad for the yearbook.  Hillary Clagett will be coordinating the bake sale for the upcoming winter concerts.  Holly would like to have FORM look into more small venue opportunities.  A possible fundraising opportunity for one or more of these small venue’s could be “Keep graduation at Strathmore”.  Barnes and Noble was discussed – it has proven to be a little tricky.  Barnes and Noble is looking for us to bring in the big crowds – we are more interested in providing opportunities for our students in small ensemble to have the experience of playing in front of groups.  The Chamber concert is scheduled for February 25, 2013.

Secretary’s Report

Holly gave everyone an opportunity to read over the minutes.  There being no changes, Tracey Lankler moved to approve the minutes.  The motion was seconded.  The minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Tracey went over the Treasurer’s Report.  Beginning balance is $8,838.59 with income of $40 for membership dues, $251 from Panera Bread Fundraiser, $10.59 from Innisbrook and $4,826 from wreath/poinsettia sale – with a total income of $5,127.59.  Total expenses include deposit for wreath/poinsettia of $683, clarinet workshop for $260, payment for wreaths of $892 and poinsettias for $1621.85 – with total expenses of $3,456.85.  The ending FORM balance as of December 2012 is $10,509.33.  The beginning trip balance is $890.45 with the addition of $1,000 for student raking project and a donation of $50 – with an ending balance of $1,940.45.  The total assets of FORM are $12,538.78.

Director’s  Report

Ron Johnson reported that one of his students, Erica Ferguson, made Allstate Chorus.  There is an issue Ron wanted to discuss that has become very frustrating – the large number of sit-ins this year.  Discussion ensued about scheduling conflicts etc.  Ron said it not only poses a challenge for the sit-ins but also for the students in class as well.  Holly asked if there was anything FORM could do to help with this situation – Ron said he and Phil were trying to work on a solution. Ron said that Wood students would be performing with RHS students for tomorrow night’s concert – he said he was very impressed with their talent.  Some upcoming events worth mentioning are the Cluster choral concert on January 3, 2013,  immediately after the break; a guitar recital on the 17th and a piano recital on the 20th.  Ron filled everyone in on the University of Md. Basketball game concession stand he worked with a group recently.  He said on an off game, you can still make about $500 per game.  Discussion continued about the pros and cons of taking this on as a fundraising  option – time involved, manpower etc.  Tracey suggested that we consider choosing this option as our primary one year and put all our energies into this rather than restaurant fundraisers , Innisbrook, and Yankee Candle.  It was decided we would table the discussion until the Spring.  There was discussion of trip money and the balance in the students’ individual accounts.  Ron and Phil will have a better idea in January.  Phil Barnes was not present at the meeting due to an unforeseen schedule conflict.

Old Business

Susan Townsend  Gray bought some decorations for the stage for the upcoming winter concerts.  Holly said she would send out a reminder on ramsnet for the upcoming concerts.  Wendy said the raking at Tom Hormby’s house went really well.  The students worked well together and, despite the huge amount of leaves, they got it done in record time.

Wendy updated everyone on the restaurant fundraisers.  Urban BBQ went well – we made $240.  The next fundraiser is on January 29th at Guiseppe’s pizza.  Wendy also mentioned that we may be able to squeeze in another Panera fundraiser down the road – we will revisit this and Wendy will check dates.  Amazon.com is all set up and super easy to use – hopefully this will prove as  a nice fundraiser for us.  The Innisbrook total funds were $5,853 with approximately $2,603 coming back to form and half of that amount being divided into the students individual funds based on what they sold.

The dates for the upcoming cluster concerts are January 3rd for the choral concert and Jan. 9th for the instrumental concert.  We will try to get bake sales up and running for both – might be difficult as it is right after the break.  The financial aid forms for the Spring Trip should be ready to go out first week of January.  Questions followed  as to whether the forms could go out earlier - also, next trip year perhaps these forms could go out earlier as most of the money has been paid out for the trip already by families who may have needed help early on.  Ron Johnson said he will discuss this with Phil next week after the concerts.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.