Minutes 11/14/11

posted Dec 12, 2011, 2:54 PM by Phil Barnes

Minutes:  FORM (Friends of Rockville Music) Meeting

November 14, 2011


Call to Order:  7:07 p.m.


Attendance:  Susan Apter, Wendy Hoffman, Kara Garraty, Kathy Makos, Ron Johnson, Jennifer Rossmere, Amy Rick, Ann Horwich, Holly Shropshire, Susan Townsend Gray, Phil Barnes

Susan Apter opened up the meeting for Susan Townsend Gray, as she was going to be late.

Secretary’s Report

Kara Garraty presented the minutes for review.  The minutes were reviewed and Kathy Makos moved to approve – it was seconded and the minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Jennifer Rossmere presented the Treasurer’s Report – FORM had a beginning balance of $7,826.35.  FORM income includes $80 in memberships, $256.62 in donations, and $310.48 from the Villa Maya Fundraiser for a total income of $647.10.   FORM expenses include $55.92 for soda and tip for Wood Night, $2.25 Pay Pal Charge, $50 for Gas Card for Tom Hornby, and $81.62 for photocopying wreath/poinsettia flyers for total expenses of $189.79.  The ending FORM Balance is $8,283.66, adding to that total $89.00 in the cash box leaves total assets of $8,372.66.  Ron Johnson asked for the $1200 that FORM is donating to offset the cost of the chorus gowns and tuxedo’s.  Susan Apter moved to approve – it was seconded and the Treasurer’s Report was approved.   Wendy Hoffman discussed the Villa Maya Fundraiser – there was a little confusion on her part what percentage went to Rockville and how the waiter would note that – Kathy Makos clarified.

Director’s Report

Ron Johnson reported that the gowns are on the way.  Two girls are auditioning for All Star Chorus.  His music classes are coming along very nicely, and his calendar sales have proved very successful.  One parent sold 30 calendars and he has 16 left, which another parent has already committed to selling – profitable fundraiser for chorus.

Phil Barnes said that the marching band enjoyed watching University of Maryland’s rehearsal.  He also mentioned that a school from Tennessee asked to use our parking lot to rehearse and gave us a $50 donation.  The jazz ensemble played at the cocktail party for the 25th Anniversary of Saturday School.  All County/All State freshman/senior auditions are coming up and the All County Orchestra has 78 students trying out this year as a result of the new procedure of choosing three students from each school.  Phil Barnes mentioned that his jazz group will be playing at the Festival of Lights on December 22 at the Mormon Temple around 7:00 – he will post on the website as well.  Phil Barnes mentioned in closing that the Pep Band will start up the first Friday in December.  A question was raised as to the status of our partnership with The Baltimore Symphony – Ron Johnson said that he will contact them and follow- up.


Old Business

Amy Rick reported on the wreath/poinsettia sale.  We sold a couple more that last year – about $1400 (+or -) projected.  The vendors are really great and have been very flexible  - it helps that we are repeat customers – we get excellent customer service.  FORM’s vendor table at the vendor fair netted a couple of orders and good visibility for FORM.  FORM will raffle off two poinsettias at the winter concerts coming up. 

Regarding the restaurant fundraisers, Susan Townsend Gray said that California Tortilla is going to be our December fundraiser – the owner is very eager to participate.  A question was asked of Ron Johnson about the Mama Lucia fundraiser money – he said they are typically slow to turn it over but it will be here.  Kathy Makos asked about Urban Barbeque – they have just opened – should we hit them up for a fundraiser as soon as they open or wait a little while?  It was decided that as soon as they open was a good idea – November 30th looks like a good date for this fundraiser.  The sign-up genius for the University of MD basketball game concession stand did not get a great response – we will revisit this next year.  Susan T. Gray said that perhaps it is because it is such a hectic time of year – maybe next year being a music trip year people will be more motivated to sign up.

The last Monday in February, 2/27/12, RHS music students will perform at Barnes and Noble.  Phil Barnes would like to see as much of an RHS presence as possible – the longer the performance the better discount shopping for RHS.

New Business

Sign-up genius for the bake sale at the upcoming concerts is going well.  A question was asked about coffee donations for the winter concerts – do we still have that contact?  Should FORM try to arrange this again – is it cost effective to buy our own coffee urn?  After some discussion, it was decided that purchasing a coffee urn was a good idea.

Susan T. Gray mentioned that, even with all the other fundraisers going on, the restaurant fundraisers were doing well.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

Post adjournment:  Amy Rick mentioned that maybe an alumni/community type ramsnet may be a good idea to get participation from graduating Rockville families who no longer wish to subscribe to ramsnet but still want to contribute to or attend FORM/music functions.  Everyone agreed that this was a good idea – maybe Cathy Stec could help with this.


Upcoming events:  12/14 Wood Winter Concert; 12/20 Barnsley Winter Concert; 12/22 Recruiting Concert @ Wood MS (MB, JE, Select String Grp.); 1/6 Pep Band: RHS vs. Watkins Mill; 1/9 FORM Meeting