Minutes 10/12/12

posted Nov 13, 2012, 6:48 AM by Phil Barnes
Friends of Rockville Music (FORM)
October 8, 2012 Meeting 


Holly opened the meeting with introductions. 

President’s Report 
Holly thanked everyone for coming and making the time in their busy schedules. Holly has been going to the Booster Club Meetings. She recently worked the Snack Bar at the Football Game – she said it was hectic but great fun. Holly asked Phil Barnes about the upcoming PTSA meeting – she will attend. Holly is working on the Wreath and Poinsettia Sale and the flyers will be going home with students shortly. Wendy Hoffman offered to write an e-mail to the family who had inquired about changing the date of the Potluck Dinner in May as it conflicted with a religious holiday. 

Secretary’s Report 
Holly asked everyone to review the Report and, there being no comments or questions, Susan Townsend Gray moved to accept the minutes, the motion was accepted and the Minutes were approved. 

Treasurer’s Report 
Tracey went over the report as follows: Beginning FORM balance is $1,952.13. Income from donations is $200, and income from membership dues is $319.26 with total income $519.26. Expenses from Wood pizza night were $157, with total expenses at $157. The ending FORM balance is $2,314.39. The trip balance remains the same at $890.45 and the cash box is at $89.00 making total assets $3,293.84. Ron Johnson moved to approve the report and Ann Horwich seconded. The Treasurer’s Report was approved.

Tracey asked if Holly could bring some membership forms to the PTSA meeting to see if we could get more members signed up. Holly suggested changing the form to include PayPal information. 

Director’s Report 
Ron Johnson said the Maryland Music Education Association Concert was coming up on October 19th. He said students were getting ready for Allstate. He also reported that this week students are going to Elementary Schools to sing with the chorus students and help out the chorus classes – they are trying for every other week for these visits. The chorus gowns are being worked on as we speak by Miss Bunny and should be ready very soon. Everything is moving along smoothly in the Chorus Department at this time. 

Phil Barnes reported that Marching Band placed second in the Gaithersburg Parade – this is the highest they have ever taken. He went on to say that Wood night was a huge success – 30 students came out. Some noteworthy events coming up are as follows:

Homecoming is on October 19th; November 3rd are the state Marching Band championships at Towson; November 8th are the junior all-county auditions at Wood MS; November 13th are the senior all-county auditions at RHS – a bake sale would be great to have – everyone agreed. The first deposit for the band trip will be due sometime during the first or second week of November. Mr. Barnes also mentioned that a guest clarinetist will be coming in tomorrow to work with both the band classes – his clarinet sections are weak this year due to graduating members and schedule conflicts. 

Old Business 
The upcoming music trip was the topic for questions and discussion. There was a question about how someone can donate money to an individual student and if that money was tax deductable. The company “Love to Give” is a donation website where students can set up an account on the website for friends and family to give money to the individual student for their upcoming trip. It was determined that it would only be tax deductible if the money was given to FORM, not an individual student. Phil Barnes said that he has set up an entire section devoted to the upcoming trip on the music website, with FAQ’s and trip info. November 2nd is senior night at the football game and it was suggested that FORM get a table at the game for wreath and poinsettia sales. Also, FORM will have a table at the upcoming Holiday Bazaar on Nov. 14th. 

Jennifer Rossmere and Ann Horwich updated everyone on the Innisbrook fundraiser. Based on what she had looked at, Ann said we sold around $4300 so far – excellent job by the students and parents. 

There was a question regarding the wreath/poinsettia sale. Holly wanted to know if the money from the sale should go 100% to the trip fund or 50% to trip and 50% to FORM. It was decided that the money, as it has in previous years, should be split 50/50 as stated above. 

The restaurant fundraisers were discussed. Panera Bread is coming up and Ron Johnson said he will be there the entire time so there is not need to get anyone else to cover. There was a question as to how much comes back to FORM – 10% of all the sales from 6-9 will come back to FORM. Wendy Hoffman said that she moved the Urban BBQ Fundraiser previously scheduled for early November to November 28th from 5-10 with 10% of all checks coming back to FORM. 

The Maryland Basketball Concession Stand fundraiser was discussed as follows:  

- There is a 6 night minimum commitment up front
- The profit we make is as yet undetermined (Phil is waiting on answers from powers that be)
- There is a 30 minute mandatory training session required – not sure if this is for each night or at one particular time for one “leader” to attend.
- There looks to be about a 6 hour commitment if you sign up 

Phil is waiting on some answers to these questions and will update everyone when he knows more – the question remaining is does FORM want to move forward with this. Everyone seemed to think it was worth pursuing based on what answers Phil gets back regarding the profit and the time commitment. 

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 8:16 p.m.