Minutes: 10/10/11

posted Nov 17, 2011, 8:43 AM by Phil Barnes

Minutes:  FORM (Friends of Rockville Music) Meeting

October 10, 2011

Call to order :  7:10

Attended:  Kathy Makos, Susan Townsend Gray, Ron Johnson, Phil Barnes, Wendy Hoffman, Jennifer Rossmere, Beth Peterson, Amy Rick, Holly Shropshire, Kara Garraty

Presidents Report

Susan Townsend Gray began with introductions around the room and that there was no official Presidents Report this meeting – she had some general comments.  She discussed Wood Night (pizza night).  FORM paid for the pizza – it is a great recruiting tool for the music department.   There was a very good Middle School turnout.  Susan then talked about sign-up genius and what a successful tool it was proving to be – hopefully it can be used for the wreath sale.  Susan then said how pleased she was to see some new faces at the meeting. 

Secretary’s Report

The secretary’s report was presented by Kara Garraty and reviewed by the officers and attendees.  Susan T. Gray moved to approve the minutes – it was seconded and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report

Jennifer presented the Treasurer’s Report.  She began by reporting the income FORM received - $80 membership money and $200 in donations.  She then reported that any leftover money in the RHS account was transferred to the Music Department Fund and was split between instrumental and chorus.  Susan T. Gray moved to approve – it was seconded and the Treasurer’s Report was approved.

Director’s Report

Ron Johnson reported that calendar sales were going very slowly.  He said he was working on the parents to help out.  He then spoke about All State Chorus coming up and that three girls were auditioning.  Ron said that overall, the Chorus was coming together very nicely this year.

Phil Barnes reported on instrumental – the Freshman are proving  to be a challenge for the seniors – he credits this to their instruction in Middle School – they are coming in much better prepared than in previous years.  He then shared some good news – John Wambach made All County Jazxz! He has noticed that there seems to be an increase in the number of students who want to audition for All County.  Questions were raised about changes in the senior orchestra (10th, 11th 12th) – there has not been good participation and the junior orchestra outplayed the senior orchestra last year.  The powers that be met to see how to fix this issue.  Their suggestion was that schools should nominate three students from each school to audition.  Phil discussed that his goal was to jumpstart senior orchestra.  Ron Johnson and Phil Barnes talked to a representative from the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra about forming a partnership which would bring members here to RHS and students going there as well – with both groups performing side by side.  It is in the developmental stages right now but they are very excited about this venture.  Phil discussed the two upcoming competitions for marching band, at Towson and Watkins Mill.  He discussed Wood night and how successful it was – the students seem very excited about the RHS music department.  He then discussed the Seniors upcoming trip to College Park next Monday to watch the University of  Maryland  Marching Band rehearsal for the upcoming homecoming show.  Marching Band’s senior night is October 28th – most likely their last performance for Marching Band – and the end of the season party is on November 1.  He then mentioned the Drumline Competition, which is November 1st as well.  Phil then talked about the upcoming ceremony for Eddie Kirk, who was one of 125 students selected out of thousands to be a member of the U.S. Army All American Marching Band.  Eddie will be performing in January with the USAAMB during  a half time show in San Antonio, TX.   The ceremony is 10/24/11 in the auditorium.  A member of the City Council will have a proclamation for him – quite a big deal and a great honor.  Mr. Barnes is looking for students and parents to help decorate for the ceremony.

Old Business

Susan T. Gray mentioned the Chik-fil-a fundraiser – she is going to say no this time around – the general consensus is that it is not worth it – not always a great turnout.  Maybe we could replace it with California Tortilla as the November restaurant fundraiser.  Amy Rick discussed the upcoming wreath sale.  She explained if proceeds are to go to FORM the parents must collect the money – not the students.  The possibility of a pick-up vs. delivery price was discussed, as well as paying online through pay pal – it was decided that we would stick with checks and cash – less complicated.  Amy talked about the poinsettias being the big seller whereas the wreath sales were okay.  It was suggested that perhaps we should have a delivery option and charge a little more – after much discussion it was decided that we would leave it as is with the pick up being at Amy’s house.  Amy went on to discuss the price of the poinsettias – should we charge a little more this year?  It was decided that we would leave the price the same and revisit this topic next year.  It was decided to bump up the price of the wreaths to $28. Amy said the flyers would be ready tomorrow.  It was suggested that flyers could be passed out at Villa Maya.  Susan T. Gray asked if recorded phone calls like the ones done by Dr. Munk for principal’s coffee etc. were okay to make for upcoming events and fundraisers for FORM.  Phil said he would ask Dr. Munk.  Susan then said she would try to speak to Dr. Munk about putting  a link to the wreath sale on the RHS website.  Phil Barnes talked about the University of MD Basketball games and the possibility of working the concession stands as a fundraiser – there are 37 possible dates and we would have to commit to 6 of those.  He said he would post 12 games on the signup genius and see what kind of participation he gets.  Susan said that we could designate each game to go to a certain fund to get more participation from families.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:16 p.m.

Upcoming Events:  11/15 MCPS Senior Honors Auditions, 11/19 Senior All State Auditions, 12/3 Wreath Sale pick up, 12/8 Winter Concert (concert band, symphony orchestra, symphonic band), 12/13 Winter Concert (Chorus, Jazz Ensemble), 12/22 Recruiting Concert @ Wood MS – MB and Jazz Ensemble