May 2014 Minutes

posted Sep 18, 2014, 2:16 PM by Phil Barnes

Rockville High School

Friends of Rockville Music—Minutes

May 12, 2014


Attendance:  Phil Barnes, Ron Johnson, Holly Shropshire, Wendy Hoffman, Tracey Lankler, Beth Peterson, Janet Lawson, Joyce Rosenthal, Al Taylor, Christine Manor, Susan Townsend Gray, Damaris Richardson, Pam Loebach, Terri Beard and MacKenzie Beard


President’s Report:  Holly  Shrophshire began the meeting by thanking people for the gift card donations that were added to the basket raffled off at the two spring concert.  Holly called “Nicholas” at Chipotle to schedule restaurant dates.  She will call Mrs. Gamage to set restaurant dates for next school year to avoid over-scheduling with other groups.

Secretary’s report:  Beth Peterson’s  report accepted with corrections.

Treasurer’s report:    Tracey Lanker reported that Amazon brought in $40.10, the Urban Burger fundraiser brought in $170.83, and the spring concerts’ bake sales and raffle brought in $596.03, bringing the total income to $806.96. There were no expenses, and so the ending FORM balance came to $7,580.06. We have a thousand dollars in trip money.

Vice President’s Report:  Wendy Hoffman reported that we did not receive a check from the Boston Market yet. We will hold a fundraiser at Villa Maya and Menchies on May 28, despite the fact that Menchies does not usually bring in much revenue (usually weather-dependent results). We will have to consider whether or not do continue with it next year. 

Director’s Report:  Ron Johnson  is looking forward to the Tuesday night commencement.  He also reported that it is Rockville’s turn to host the March 31st Middle School Festival. 

Phil Barnes reports that he is holding drum major auditions.  He also shared that the Marching Band show is entitled “A Walk  Through an Art gallery—Pictures at an Exhibition.” The Music department was well represented at the Mulch sale.  The Symphonic band is doing graduation.  The IB Music class is doing group presentations.  Instrumental classes are doing chamber music.  There are some students going to State Solo and Ensemble Festival.  Seniors will clear with Barnes next week, and underclassmen will clear later.  Barnes is also going to Wood to recruit for marching band.  Barnes is using these last couple of weeks to close up the department.  Financial support for the drum major will be discussed at next FORM meeting. 

Old Business:  Wish list:  Repair money for Barnes and uniform money for Ron.  Tracey will check into the balance we have carried over in years past.  The awards assembly is rather costly.  

New Business: New officers were decided. President: Townsend-Gray. Vice Pres:  Damaris Rickardson. Treasurer: Christine Manor. Secretary: Terri Beard.  Joyce expressed disappointment that the seniors in the jazz band were not recognized in concert.  The top student from each ensemble will be recognized at the senior award assembly. Families need to RSVP for the Potluck, where dinner will be held at 6:30, and awards will be presented at 7:15. There will be a senior-driven slide show where each ensemble is represented, and we will wrap up by 8:30 and then clean up.  The marching band family will be working the snack bars on Wednesday the 21st, and the 5:45 to 9:00 shift is needed.  Seniors are invited to the last FORM meeting to share experiences and hopes.

The dates for the trip are undecided, but March 27th or April 10th and Feb. 13th are possibilities. The musical will be “All Shook Up”—the music of Elvis Presley, and will be the week of March 20th.

8:15 Meeting finished.