May 2011 Minutes

posted Jun 6, 2011, 11:54 AM by Phil Barnes

Minutes: FORM (Friends of Rockville Music) Meeting

May 9, 2011


Attendance:  Phil Barnes, Ron Johnson, Maggie Brasted, Mike Elmore, Susan Townsend-Gray, Shawn Sisson, Teddy Vosslar, Maureen Blasson, Kathy Makos, Susan Apter, Wendy Hoffman, Jennifer Rossmere, Erin Griffin, Elena Perry,

Secretary’s Report from Karen Griffin

The Secretary’s Report was read and approved without changes.


President’s Report

Susan T. acknowledged the seniors and said they were here to discuss the Pot Luck Dinner.  She continued by congratulating all for the great showing at the Heritage Music Festival in Atlanta and was happy FORM was able to provide scholarships to help as many students to go on the trip.  She was also excited about the opportunity for our students to perform at the Heritage Festival of Gold which is held annual at Carnegie Hall in New York City.  She also acknowledged how hard it was for Phil and the students to come back after spring break to put on such a wonderful Spring Concert and how hard it was for the student come back to AP exams.  She continued by saying how grateful she was for the years of service from the Senior Moms and said they could always come back to help. 


One of the issues for next year was to research a way to turn on the stage lights without having the media technician on stand-by.  Phil said one reason is there is an expense.  Mike Elmore said he is willing to work on this issue with Phil and Tobiassen at a later date. 


Susan T. asked the seniors if there was anything that they would like added or changed for next year.  Teddy said he like to play more shows with options to be more creative; Shawn said he liked Towson Band Day and the Navy Band Concert; Erin said she like the field trip to see the Cadets.  


Treasurer’s Report from Jennifer Rossmere

Jennifer presented the treasurer’s report from April 11 – May 9, 2011.  She began by reporting FORM’s beginning balance of $3,096.70 said she made an adjustment of $30 from the Bake Sale during the Navy Band Concert and $237.64 from Spring Concert Bake Sale for a total income of $267.64.  There were no expenses to report.  Therefore the total FORM Balance is $3,364.34.  She reported the RHS Account with $218.15 from the Wreath Sales, $2,961.23 from the Yankee Candle fundraiser for a balance of $3,179.38.  There were no expenses therefore the RHS ending Balance was $3,179.38. Jennifer reported the beginning Trip Balance of $4,831.30 with no income to report.  Expenses included payment for the Spring Music Trip of $4,831.30.  Therefore the ending Trip Balance is $0.


Karen asked for a line item in the budget to include funds allocated to the Choral Uniforms. 


The Treasurer’s report was accepted without change.


Director’s Report

Ron began by saying how proud he was of our students, the parents and his co-worker and said it was a great moment.  Phil said he felt the same way and said it was the best trip ever.  Phil continued by saying he received a check in the amount of $250 from a Booster Club Officer’s discretionary fund made out to FORM.  He said the crowd at the Concerts was light and said we need to improve on getting the word out for next year and asked for a parent volunteer to help with communications.  He continued with saying at the graduation ceremony Danny Miller will be featured.  Upcoming events are the small ensemble projects for final grades and the senior’s check-in will be before May 26 which will include music together with uniform parts.  He also stressed students need to let him know if instruments need to be repaired.  Underclassmen’s check-in will be the week of June 9.  Phil said he is still waiting on the administration to say what time the bus will leave for the graduation ceremony but will ask for students to arrive on time at the school.


Phil announced that there are still volunteer slots available at the US Open and reminded the group that FORM will receive $50 for each person who volunteers.  He said he will have more information forthcoming about parking, etc. 


Mike asked if he had the numbers for the Marching Band members for next year.  Phil said he hasn’t but wants to get over to Wood for recruiting.  He said Ms. Tauber is doing a good job and is getting the kids excited and showing almost 90% retention.  Karen asked he thought of taking small ensembles to the Wood Winter and Spring performances as a way to reach out to more middle school students.  Phil thought that might be a good idea.  He said he use to take a few ensembles to Wood during the day but hasn’t done that in a while and said he will work on it for next year.  Wendy asked if he had a list of incoming students from other schools and will he reach out to them.  He replied that he does and tries to reach as many students as possible.   


Old Business:

Election of Officers: Susan Apter agree to remain as Vice-President and Susan T. said she will stay on as President but would like to work with someone so they can take over after next year.  Kara Garrity said, on the Atlanta trip, she would volunteer for Secretary but Phil felt since she wasn’t here tonight that we could elect conditionally until he had a chance to talk to her.  He checked the bylaws and said we have until June so he felt that we could elect the President, Vice-President and Secretary and leave the Treasurer open until the next meeting. 


Pot Luck Dinner:  Susan T. began by asking the seniors how FORM can help and said her goal is not to have officers set up and clean up.  Phil said he emailed the sign-up genius today.  Erin and Elena said Gabby is working on the slide show and they volunteer to shop for the decorations and tablecloths.  Jennifer said the budget for decorations was up to $200.  Phil asked if FORM will take care of the paper products and silverware.  He asked for approval to spend funds on awards.  Jennifer said last year we allocated up to $2,500.  The motion was moved, 2nd and approved.




Meeting was adjourned at 8:00