March 2014 Minutes

posted Apr 10, 2014, 7:00 AM by Phil Barnes

Rockville High School

Friends of Rockville Music—Minutes

March 10, 2014


Attendance:  Phil Barnes, Ron Johnson, Holly Shropshire, Wendy Hoffman, Tracey Lankler, Beth Peterson, Chris Emond, Janet Lawson, Joyce Rosenthal, Damaris Richardson


President’s Report:  Holly Shropshire reported that we were not able to do the Hormby snow-shoveling job.  We are holding the elections for FORM in May.  Holly has put out some feelers to fill the open spots.  The advertisement copy in the Beauty and the Beast Program should be finished.  It has been a busy time for the music department. Talked about the profit we are getting from Amazon.   

Secretary’s report:  Beth Peterson’s report was accepted and approved.

Treasurer’s report:  Tracey Lankler said that we are getting $133.42 from Amazon this month.  FORM gets 4-8% of the cost of Amazon products.  Panera and Big Creek Café did well. There were some expenses for the pep band, and the FORM ad in the spring musical program cost $125.  The ending balance is 7,509.61.  This report was accepted.

Vice President’s Report:  Wendy Hoffman reported that Wednesday is the next restaurant night at the Boston Market.  We will get 15% of the credit, but only for costumers that hand in a paper ticket. This is a new restaurant fundraiser for FORM, and will be held on March 19th at Aspen Hill.  Mapping out and reserving the restaurant dates for next school year is important.  The Urban Burger fundraiser will be April 8th

Director’s Report:  Ron Johnson said that the county choral festival will be on Wednesday at Seneca Valley High School.  Ron has some sit-ins who have worked hard to be ready for festival.  He has been working on sight-reading with his kids, who are exhibiting a lot of energy. He noted that Barnes and Noble was successful, and that the quartet that opened was particularly great.

Phil Barnes reported that the new printer is in, and that the music department is happy with it despite the fact that it is not a color printer. The department will have to buy the toner. Pit orchestra is a nice size group.  The freshman open house took place, and Phil made himself available during that time.  Winter weather has caused some problems in terms of scheduling. The music department ensembles photos were taken on the half-day (career day). The symphonic band clinician had to be rescheduled, and a jazz clinician came from Towson.  The army strings are coming in in April, and will have a side-by-side rehearsal with the symphonic orchestra.  Barnes and Johnson were judges at Ram Idol.  All Rockville High School students got excellent or superior ratings at solo and ensemble festival.  Orchestra goes to Walter Johnson for their county festival tomorrow.  Next Saturday, they will be attending a festival in Delaware.  The band festival is next week.  Pit orchestra is scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday of this week, and an extra rehearsal has been added a week from Thursday due to a snow day cancellation. The new drum major for marching band will be selected soon.  The IB music students just completed their Internal assessment, otherwise known as the Musical Links Investigation. The last time that Mr. Barnes taught this class, the average test grade for his class was the highest in the county. The IB internal assessments are live performances.  Next month’s meeting will be the first Monday of the month. The After Prom Party is having a bingo night on the last night of the show. The spring concert date for band and orchestra is the 24th, and the spring concert date for Jazz and Chorus is the 29th.

Other Business: Maureen Blassau will be approached to see if she can organize the bake sales for the concerts.  Phil will send out a sign-up genius for the concerts.  There will also be a raffle at both concerts, which will consist of gift baskets filled with gift cards, which FORM will help to buy. The raffle tickets will each cost one dollar. A yearbook advertisement will be proofed and sent off soon.  Drama and Pit Orchestra parents will begin providing dinners for the students in the spring musical in two weeks. Rehearsals for the musical are scheduled to finish up at 7:00, but may go later.

8:00 Meeting finished.