March 2011 Meeting Minutes

posted May 3, 2011, 9:00 AM by Phil Barnes


Minutes:  FORM (Friends of Rockville Music) Meeting

March 14, 2011


Attendance:  Ron Johnson, Phil Barnes, Jennifer Rossmere, Susan Townsend-Gray, Susan Apter, Maggie Brasted, Wendy Hoffman, Elaine Parks, Angela Thompson, Kathy Makos, Venice Greene, Joan Lane, and Karen Griffin


President’s Report

Susan T. welcomed the new people to FORM and gave a brief overview of what FORM is and how it supports the Music Department.  She continued by briefly outlining last month’s meeting regarding providing financial aid/scholarships to students whose families were struggling to pay for the spring trip.  She said at that meeting FORM voted to allocate $1000 in financial aid to several families.  Then she continued by saying the Executive Board Members spent most of the month discussing this decision and decided at a separate meeting that the Executive Board would send home financial aid forms and letters to all students who participate in any Music ensemble.  She said the Board would meet prior to the regular schedule meeting in March, to discuss the applications received and present their recommendations to the full membership. 


Secretary’s Report from Karen Griffin

The Secretary’s Report was accepted with a correction to the date. 


Treasurer’s Report from Jennifer Rossmere

Jennifer presented the treasurer’s report from February 7 – March 14, 2011.  She began by reporting FORM’s beginning balance of $4,510.51 with income of $50 from a donation; $1,101.62 from Yankee Candle and $127.28 from the Navy Band bake sale for a total FORM income of $1,278.90.  Jennifer continued by saying the expenses included $250.74 for half day substitute for the Festivals; $100 for Yearbook Ad and $1,043 for drum heads. Therefore the FORM Balance was reported as $4,395.67.  She reported the RHS beginning balance of $3,020 from the wreath sale with income of $2,961.23 from Yankee Candle for the total RHS Account balance of $5,981.23.  The Trip Balance was unchanged from last month of $3,062.70.  The Treasurer’s Report was accepted without change. 


Director’s Report

Phil began by saying some of the events that happened during the month were the Jazz Band playing at the Empty Bowl, All-State Chorus, Chamber Concert which was well received.  He continued by saying at the MCPS Solo Festival we got excellent to superior ratings and thanked Kathy for help organizing the Wizard Game.  He said the Marine Band came for a half day string Clinic and said it was a good clinic.  The Navy Band concert was a big success and thought he would arranged for them to come every other year.  Upcoming events include the Pit Orchestra rehearsals will be beginning for the musical, Music Festivals coming up next week, Spring Concert April 21 and the Booster Club Mulch sale.  Phil said all Marching Band members are required to work at the Booster Club mulch sale. 


Phil said as Susan T. said he revised the process for providing scholarships and said he received 9 requests for help for just under $1700. He continued by saying at last month’s meeting FORM allocated $1000 and said after working the numbers realized there was another $1300 from students who fundraised but weren’t going on the trip.  He proposed using the $1300 plus the funds already allocated from FORM to help those families in need and keep the remainder of the funds in a rainy day fund for the trip.  He said if the amount wasn’t used it would go back into the Music Department general fund.  Amy asked if the money wasn’t used if it couldn’t be used to fund scholarships for the next rip.  Phil said the funds left always goes back to the general fund.  FORM voted and approved Phil’s proposal to use the $1300 from the student’s fundraisers and the $1000 from FORM.


Ron began by saying that the Choral Festival will begin on Thursday and is looking forward to it.  He said members of the Chorus are singing the Star Spangle Banner at the Basketball games.  He continued by saying he will be attending the sixth annual Ithaca College Gospel Invitational Music Festival and the American Choral Directors National Conference in Chicago, IL. 



Phil asked whether there was interest from FORM to partner with Good Counsel to help run a concession stand at the US Open Golf Tournament from June 13-19.  He said the Country Club contracts out the concession stands to non-profit organizations where they could receive a percentage of the proceeds.  The tents would need to be manned by 8 to 12 students and parents at a ratio of 2 students for every 1 adult because of alcohol being sold.  The shifts would run from 6-2; 9-5 and 12-8.  Phil said that whoever volunteers would have access to the grounds so they could watch some of the tournament.  Good Counsel would be the point of contact and we would be able to split the proceeds with them.  There was some concern that this event was during exam week.  Susan A. said the Booster turned it down because it was going to take so many volunteers to run it.  It was decided that Phil would send out an email to music parents to see if there was enough interest.


Phil said there was also an opportunity to work the concession stand with North Wood at the University of Maryland.  Phil thought it would be more manageable then the US Open.  He said the stand would have to be staff with 15-20 people who were 14 and older and FORM could realize 9% of the net sales.  Phil thought this event could be discussed more during the summer fundraiser meeting. He said he was also approached by Potomac Pizza about doing a spirit night but FORM decided not to do it.


Susan T. introduced Elaine Parks who has offered to help organize a fundraiser at Barnes and Nobel for FORM.  Elaine said she has arranged such events for the PTA and for Wood in the past and said they were very successful.  She said the event for FORM could be one night and FORM could realize about 10% cash back or a 15% discount on books.  She also said Barnes and Noble offer online shopping in conjunction with the bookfair but the purchase of gifts cards would not be included as part of the fundraiser. She thought some of the small performances could include Chorus, Strings, Chamber Music and the Jazz Band.  She said she could arrange for the event in the Spring before graduation.  Ron said he was thinking more of a fall fundraiser.  After a brief discussion FORM decided to hold the fundraiser on February 27. Next Elaine briefly touched on a fundraiser with Tastefully Simple and handed out brochures.  It was decided to table this idea until the summer fundraiser meeting in June. 




Meeting adjourned at 8:30


MCPS Orchestra Festival- March 15; MCPS High School Choral Festival- March 16 & 17; MCPS Band Festival- March 22 & 23; Spring Musical- March 25-27; All Eastern- March 30-April 3; Spring Musical – March 25-26; March 30- April 3 – All Eastern; Booster Club Mulch Sale- April 2; MCPS Middle School Choral Festival- April 6; MCYC Auditions- April 7; April 12; MCPS Second Band Festival- April 12; Spring Trip- April 14-18; MCPS Spring Break- April 19-25.