June 2014 Minutes

posted Oct 22, 2014, 10:12 AM by Phil Barnes

Rockville High School

Friends of Rockville Music—Minutes

June 9, 2014


Attendance:  Phil Barnes, Ron Johnson, Holly Shropshire, Wendy Hoffman, Tracey Lankler, Beth Peterson, Chris Emond, Janet Lawson, Joyce Rosenthal, Tracey Miller, Eve Fernandes, Christine Manor, Terri Beard, Susan Townsend-Gray, Damaris Richardson

President’s Report:  Holly  Shrophshire  welcomed everyone.  New people were introduced.  Holly thanked the outgoing officers and welcomed the new officers.  Holly reported that she was in contact with a person from Chipotle to settle on a date for a restaurant night next school year.  Holly has also been in contact with Subway for a restaurant night during marching band camp.  Mr. Barnes will be a server for this fundraising event.  The date was set for Wednesday, August 6.

Secretary’s report:  Beth Peterson presented the report from the May meeting.  The minutes were accepted.

Treasurer’s report:    Tracey Lanker reported on membership dues and donations. The second page is report of each fundraiser and how much FORM earns with each one.  The third page is a list of income and expenses.    

Vice President’s Report:  Wendy Hoffman received the check from the most recent Villa Maya fundraiser.    Tom Hormby would be interested in having the raking job continue next school year.  

Director’s Report:  Ron Johnson set vocal workshop for June 25 and August 20.  He is sending out approximately 240 letters to students entering 6, 7 and 8th grade.  Ron would like to close the gap in the middle school choral program.  He would like FORM to contribute to the snacks that will be served at the workshops.  Also, he is looking forward to the cluster choral concert.  Thursday will be a meeting of the cluster vocal teachers to work out the details.

Phil Barnes thanked everyone for the potluck.  Mrs. Flores will be reimbursed $68 for the decorations she provided.  Phil reported that all the students who went to state and solo festival received high ratings.  He also reported on a successful commencement.  He is busy cleaning up the music department from a busy school year.

Old Business:  There was a discussion on ways to raise the profile of the music department.  People would like to see more articles in the Rampage cover the arts.   

New Business:  Directors were asked if there are things on their wish lists.  The ending balance is over $8000.  Barnes needs repairs done on instruments.  $2,000 is needed.  $690 for new cellos and $1,375 for new xylophones.  Fifty bow ties and cummerbunds are needed to outfit the boys in the instrumental groups.  The cost for that purchase is 500 dollars.  Mr. Kubasik, representing the Rockville Booster club, came to the FORM meeting to present a $5,000 check for the Marching Band account.  FORM voted to give Mr. Johnson $1200 for uniforms and to give Mr. Barnes money for the repairs and purchases he needs. 

FORM set aside money for drum major academy.  RHS is sending one person this summer and voted to give that person a half scholarship. 

There will be a fundraising meeting this summer. 

8:15 Meeting finished.