January 2011 Meeting Minutes

posted Feb 8, 2011, 6:54 AM by Phil Barnes   [ updated Mar 9, 2011, 6:57 AM ]


Minutes:  FORM (Friends of Rockville Music) Meeting

January 10, 2011


Attendance:  Maggie Brasted, Susan Townsend-Gray, Ron Johnson, Susan Apter, Phil Barnes, Jennifer Rossmere, Amy Rick, Wendy Hoffman, Ann Horwich, Kathy Makos, and Karen Griffin


President’s Report

Susan T. introduced herself and asked for everyone to as well.  She continued with saying before winter break, she and Phil met with Ms. Gamage to discuss the fundraising policy at Rockville.  She said the policy is, if the children touch the money then the funds will go into the school music department budget.  If parents do the fundraising and the kids do not collect money then the funds will go into FORM account.  Amy said then it is actually who touches the money that determines where the money is deposited and said she didn’t see why FORM couldn’t set up the wreath sale online like the Booster Club does with the mulch sale.  Susan T. continued by saying, according to Ms. Gamage, if FORM organizes the fundraiser then FORM will have to collect sales tax.  Jennifer asked if Ms. Gamage will collect the sales tax if fundraising is done through the school and Susan T. said yes.  Susan T. also said the Yankee Candle Fundraiser will be a FORM fundraiser.  Susan continued by saying she was disappointed in the attendance at the Winter Concerts and how disappointed she was when parents got up and left after the Choral Concert was finished.  Ann said the same thing happened at the Wood concert.  Maggie said the reason why so many kids left was because of homework that was assigned by teachers.  Phil said he would remind teachers about the kids participating in the Concerts and ask them to refrain from giving homework on concert nights.  Susan T. asked Phil if he could announce at the beginning of the Concerts for the audience to refrain from texting, taking pictures and cell phones use.  Susan T. said another way to get more participation is to have the English department make attendance at school events a part of the curriculum.  She said they do this at her school where students had to attend and write a paragraph about the event as part of a grade.    Phil said he would talk to Dr. Munk about it.  Ron said that he and Phil talked about adding another night for the Choral Concert and continued by saying most schools have a separate night for the Chorus.  Susan T. asked Phil what was his policy on having kids stay for the entire Concert and Phil said it was his policy and his expectation for the kids stay for the whole night.  He said he has a sign-in sheet for the kids to sign-in at the beginning of concerts and a sign-out sheet at the end of the concerts after everything was cleaned up.  Next, Susan T. talked about getting a public relation volunteer parent to help with getting the word out to different venues regarding upcoming events.  This person would be responsible for getting music events announced in the schools morning announcements and for contacting different media.  Ron suggested offering a babysitting service during the concerts and for allowing High School students to earn SSL hours.  Kathy asked if Phil could put together a little teaser of all the ensembles to play over the morning announcements.  Phil said he was not in favor of a teaser because it was difficult to get kids together to put something on.  Kathy said she was thinking more like having a pre-taped sampling of the upcoming Concert and Phil said he would look into partnering with another department.  Another idea was to have all the music classes perform like guitar and piano.  Ron said he was looking into doing something like that for next year.


Secretary’s Report from Karen Griffin

The Secretary’s Report was accepted with a correction to Lisa Wolf’s name. 


Treasurer’s Report from Jennifer Rossmere

Jennifer presented the treasurer’s report from December 13 – January 10.  She began by reporting FORM’s beginning balance of $4,798.21 with income of $20 from membership; $237.75 from Winter Concert Bake Sale on 12/9; $271.27 from Winter Concert Bake Sale on 12/14; $55 for the Wreath Sale Deposit; $51.80 from the Good Search; $101.87 from the Chick-fil-A Fundraisers for a total income of $737.69.  Jennifer continued by saying expenses included $76.91 for Marching Band Pizza and $11.98 for the Poinsettias Raffle for total Expenses of $88.89.  Jennifer said she moved the funds attributable to the student’ trip from the Sally Foster fundraiser of $896.50 from the FORM balance to the student trip balance, therefore the FORM Balance is $4,550.51.  The Treasurer’s Report was accepted without change.  Susan T. moved and Phil second therefore the treasurer report approved. 


Amy had one issue she needed to discuss with FORM.  She said she was contacted by the parent who didn’t pick up their poinsettias and now wanted a refund.  Amy said she thought FORM should refund the money as a good will gesture.  FORM agreed, Phil moved and Ann second to approve the refund.


 Director’s Report

Phil began by saying the Pep Band sounded really good and had some participation from the alumni.  He said he had an inquiry about the Pep band playing at an upcoming event but will send out more information later.  Upcoming events, he said,  include the MCPS Honors Band and Orchestra on February 5 at 6:30 at BCC and was happy to announce that Zackary Zweig was called up to perform so now John Wambach, Sarah Gitterman and now Zackary Zweig will be performing.  Phil said no one will be performing from Orchestra.  He continue by saying the Cluster Concert is this Wednesday, with a snow date of January 27 and that he will need help on stage.  He was disappointed Maryvale and Meadow Hall will not be participating again this year and he intends on contacting the Principals of these schools to see if he can get them to participate next year.  He continued by saying January 21 is the Jazz Festival at Towson and the Yankee Candle Fundraiser will start on January 28.   He asked for suggestions from the group on how to get the word out about the Navy Band Concert on February 17.  Some things talked about were posting to Ramsnet and to cluster emails; neighborhood community networks; using the Booster Club mulch signs and putting up posters around the school.  Ron said he has the All-State Mixed Chorus coming up and is working on Bye, Bye Birdie.  He said he will not be doing the Chorus Cluster Concert this year.  Susan A. asked Ron about the choral fundraiser and asked how they did.  He said he was happy to say they did really well but he didn’t have the figures yet and was surprised the restaurant gave them a percentage of the night’s profit.   The last topic discussed was the Music Department Budget and how much bookkeeping he has to do and how it changes from year to year. Phil showed a spreadsheet with different categories and briefly went over his budget.  Susan T. said she asked Phil to present his budget in hopes of getting more parents out to the meetings.  She suggested sending out the spreadsheet along with the Yankee Candle Fundraiser package to give parents an idea of how expensive it is to run the department.  Susan A. asked Phil about the trip but Phil said he hasn’t been able to get to it but will after exams are done.  He said this fundraiser will be split between the student trip fund and FORM. 




Yankee Candle begins January 28.



Upcoming Events:  Pep Band– January 11, January 26, February 11, February 18; Instrumental Cluster Concert- January 12; Towson Jazz Festival- January 21; Yankee Candle Fundraiser- January 28; Choral Cluster Concert- February 2; Jazz Ensemble Empty Bowls- February 16; Navy Band Concert- February 17; All-State Weekend (Jr. Band, Sr. Band & String) Orchestra- February 25-27; Chamber Music Concert- February 28; All-State Weekend (Sr. Chorus- March 4-6; MCPS Ensemble Festival – March 4; MCPS Solo Festival- March 5; All State Weekend (Jr. Chorus & Jr. Orchestra) March 11-13; MCPS Orchestra Festival- March 15; MCPS High School Choral Festival- March 16 & 17; MCPS Band Festival- March 22 & 23; Spring Musical- March 25-27.




Meeting adjourned at 8:20