February 2014 Minutes

posted Apr 9, 2014, 1:03 PM by Phil Barnes

Rockville High School

Friends of Rockville Music—Minutes

February 10, 2014


Attendance:  Phil Barnes, Ron Johnson, Holly Shropshire, Wendy Hoffman, Tracey Lankler, Beth Peterson, Chris Emond, Janet Lawson, Susan Towsend-Gray, and Al Taylor


President’s Report:  Holly Shrophshire welcomed everyone. Some ideas on fundraising will be pursued at a future meeting. The pep band performed on 1/28, and their food expense was approved at this meeting. Yearbook and spring musical ads are in the works, and are due before the next form meeting.  The check will be written with the ad. 

Secretary’s report:  Beth Peterson’s report was accepted and approved. 

Treasurer’s report: Tracey Lankler reported on the results of the Goodsearch raffle sale and Villa Maya fundraiser. The total income was $338.52.  The taxes were paid for the wreath and poinsettia sale.  Note: we do have to pay sales tax when we use third party vendors.  Amazon brought 32 dollars into the FORM account.  Report accepted. 

Vice President’s Report:  Wendy Hoffman reported that Little Caesar’s brought in $50 in total for a combination of two fundraisers.  Next Tuesday, Feb. 18, we have a fundraiser at the Big Greek Café, where we will receive 10% of sales all day long.  We plan to hold more fundraisers at Boston Market, Villa Maya and Menchies later in the year.

Director’s Report:  Ron Johnson is looking forward to the Barnes and Noble chamber concert, where five of his students will participate. He auditioned students at Wood for next year’s RHS choral program.  He is also recruiting in his guitar and piano classes. Pictures for the yearbook are this week. The musical is coming together nicely.  Meadow Hall had a strong program in January.  Ron would also like to stabilize the Middle school program. The US Marine Band vocals are coming on March 4, and the choral festival is March 12 at Seneca Valley. 

Phil Barnes reported that the RHS music department needs a new printer, and is able to get it partially paid for through school accounts. He is hoping that FORM will contribute $500 to help make up the cost.  This will be tabled until the booster club is asked to contribute.  In terms of All-county, there were four students in senior, one Wood student in junior orchestra, and one student in senior band. Dr. Starr spoke at the All-County Gala, which was a successful event.   Pep band has two more games, and Lily’s Hope is the focus of one of them.  Next Tuesday is senior night, the last game of the season.  The Gamer orchestra on Thursday the 27th is an open house.  There is a chorus involved with that as well, and Phil will send out an email with more details. Solo and ensemble students will partake in the Barnes and Noble concert.  Because of printing problems, the Pit orchestra sight-read the first rehearsal.  Yearbook photos are on Friday. Lifetouch is the company being used this year.  Students will have the opportunity to have solo pictures taken.  All-state is coming up soon, where the final concert will be held at Baltimore Morgan State University. The US Army Field Band Strings will be helping the orchestra later in March.  The orchestra festival is March 11 at Walter Johnson.  The band festival will be at Quince Orchard.  There is a field trip for the symphonic orchestra on March 22nd to the University of Delaware. 

Old Business:  none

New Business:  Chris Emond would like a Ramsnet reminder sent about the Barnes and Noble concert. There were some creative fundraising ideas thrown Holly’s way, including a March for Music, which would be a walk/run to promote music.  Kathy Makos suggested to Holly that individual musicians and small ensembles could perform for donations.  FORM members would like to find a business leader who supports the arts.  Montgomery College Arts could give some support to FORM, as a non-profit arts organization.  Ring House Assisted Living would welcome performers.   Also, FORM needs to get more parents involved in the two weeks of show dinners. 

8:05 Meeting finished.