February 2011 Meeting Minutes

posted Mar 9, 2011, 6:57 AM by Phil Barnes


Minutes:  FORM (Friends of Rockville Music) Meeting

February 7, 2011


Attendance:  Ann Horwich, Ron Johnson, Phil Barnes, Jennifer Rossmere, Susan Townsend-Gray, Kathy Makos, Susan Apter and Karen Griffin


President’s Report

Susan T. opened the meeting with saying the Yankee Candle fundraiser began and said she sent a request through RAMNET for a PR person to help with music events.  This person would be responsible for sending out notices of upcoming music events to different media.  She said she got responses from Kathy Stec and from Howard Hartman.  Howard said he would help with posting to Connect Community and asked Phil to touch base with Kathy Stec.  She continued by saying she was disappointed about not performing at This Academic and sorry it didn’t work out.


Secretary’s Report from Karen Griffin

The Secretary’s Report was accepted with a correction to the date. 


Treasurer’s Report from Jennifer Rossmere

Jennifer presented the treasurer’s report from January 10 – February 7, 2011.  She began by reporting FORM’s beginning balance of $4,550.51 with no income to report.  She said she decided to put on the Treasurer’s Report a separate accounting of the funds deposited in the Rockville High School Music Account since the school fundraising policy changed.  She then moved $3020 (wreath fundraiser) from the FORM balance to the RHS Account to depict the change. When she receives the Sally Foster accounting she will add it to the RHS Balance and will then reconcile her accounting with Ms. Gamage.  Jennifer continued by saying the only expense was $40 for the poinsettia refund.  Therefore the FORM Balance is $4,510.15, the RMS Balance is $3020 and the Trip Balance was unchanged from last month of $3,062.70.  The Treasurer’s Report was accepted without change. 


Susan T. asked Ron if he received a check for the Chorus Uniforms and he responded by saying no and that he wasn’t ready to purchase.  Jennifer asked Phil if he purchased the drumheads and Phil said he did but didn’t remember if he was re-paid.  Jennifer didn’t recall writing a check either but said she would find out and send an email.  On 2/15/11 Jennifer sent an email to FORM Officers requesting approval to reimburse Phil in the amount of $1,043.  The motion was approved.


Director’s Report

Ron began by saying the Chorus will be performing during the Black History Assembly on Thursday and said he will need FORM to help pay $250.74 for a ½ day substitute during the Choral Festival.  Ann proposed, Karen 2nd and the motion was approved.  Ron continued by saying the County changed the way the Festival is scheduled so he will be able to use County buses.  He has asked the students to pay a fee and will supplement the payment of buses with what the County will fund.  Kathy asked if Dr. Munk could help and Ron said there is no money. The final item Ron wanted to discuss was whether FORM would approve financial aid up to $1000 for three students to attend the trip to Atlanta.  After some discussion a motion was put forward and approved that FORM will provide financial aid to three students to attend the Music Department Trip to Atlanta, Ga. 


On 2/24/11 an Executive FORM meeting was scheduled to discuss more about the financial aid for students to attend the trip.  During the meeting it was decided that FORM would hand out letters and financial aid forms to all music students and send the letter and form out through RAMSNET.  The form will ask for a $50 fee which will be put towards the student’s trip.  Phil will certify on the form that the student is in good standing and academically eligible and FORM Executive Committee will present recommendations to the full membership.  FORM would only see the narrative for the need for financial aid and the student ID.  FORM will deposit the funds directly into Rockville’s discretionary fund.


Phil said the trip is higher than he expected because the first bus company pulled out so the final cost of the trip is now $490. 


Phil began by saying he received Yankee Candle info from Lisa Wolfe but he has not had a chance to look at what she gave him.  He continued by saying the Marching Band will be performing at the Wizard’s game on March 5 at the MCPS night.  He said they will be performing the National Anthem at 6:25 and will have the opportunity to sit on the bench during warm-ups.  Phil was surprise about the turn-out especially since it was a paying function and said he is only missing percussionists.  Phil said he doesn’t really know the details but will need parent volunteers to help with getting the equipment to and from the game.  The kids will be bused on County School buses and said everyone attending will need a ticket to get in.  After some discussion Phil agreed to contact his contact to arrange for tickets to be bought directly from the Wizards for both the students and chaperones and will send out more information next week. 


He continued by saying the Jazz Band did wonderful at the Towson Jazz Festival and hopes the festival will continue next year.  Upcoming events include Pep Band with two more Friday performances, All County on Saturday in which three Rockville students will participate, Solo Ensemble and Chamber Concert on the 28th , the Jazz Ensemble at Empty Bowls on the 16th and the Navy Band Concert on the 17th.  Ann asked if there will be an intermission and said she will coordinate it.  Phil continue with saying the Pit Orchestra will begin rehearsals on Monday after school with the show the last weekend in March.  


Next item discussed by Phil was FORM’s approval of $100 for ¼ page ad in the yearbook and said we supported it last year. It was agreed FORM would allocate funds for the ad.



Kathy said Elaine Parks, who is a consultant for Tastefully Simple, approached her with the possibility of doing a fundraising with FORM and FORM could keep a certain percentage of the proceeds.  Elaine also would be willing to help with a week-long fundraiser at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore in the spring.  Elaine told her during the week various Rockville music ensembles would have to perform and Phil said he could get his quartet to perform as well.  Everyone thought the Barnes and Noble was a good idea and decided to talk more about Tastefully Simple at the fundraising meeting over the summer.


Jennifer brought up a discussion from the After Prom Party.  They wanted to have a Battle of the Bands as a fundraiser for the APP and wanted some input from Mr. Barnes.  Phil said he knows of 4 or 5 bands at Rockville and said logistically this is a lot of work and requires the participants to sell tickets.  Costs associated with this type of fundraiser would be lights, security guards, etc. and could become costly to put on.  Susan A. asked about the March Madness and whether the APP was going to hold it again.  Jennifer thought there wasn’t much interest in it and believes the APP wasn’t going to hold it again this year. 


Meeting adjourned at 8:00



Upcoming Events:  Pep Band – February 11& 18; Jazz Ensemble Empty Bowls- February 16; Navy Band Concert- February 17; All-State Weekend (Jr. Band, Sr. Band & String) Orchestra- February 25-27; Chamber Music Concert- February 28; All-State Weekend (Sr. Chorus- March 4-6; MCPS Ensemble Festival – March 4; MCPS Solo Festival- March 5; All State Weekend (Jr. Chorus & Jr. Orchestra) March 11-13; MCPS Orchestra Festival- March 15; MCPS High School Choral Festival- March 16 & 17; MCPS Band Festival- March 22 & 23; Spring Musical- March 25-27; All Eastern- March 30-April 3