December 2010 Meeting Minutes

posted Feb 8, 2011, 6:53 AM by Phil Barnes


Minutes:  FORM (Friends of Rockville Music) Meeting

December 13, 2010


Attendance:  Susan Townsend-Gray, Susan Apter, Phil Barnes, Jennifer Rossmere, Amy Rick, Wendy Hoffman, Marilyn Barker- Alemayehu, and Karen Griffin



Director’s Report

Phil began by saying he needed reimbursement of $76.91 for pizza he provided for the Marching Band before the play-off game. He continued with saying the Yankee Candle Fundraiser will begin in January and asked if there was a parent volunteer to help.  It was announced that Lisa Wolf will be the parent volunteer. Phil continued with announcing upcoming events of Recruitment Concert next Wednesday, Alumni Day at Rockville where alumni will speak to students and Cluster Concert on January 12.  He said the Pipe Band will also be performing at the concert.  Phil said he will need help on stage during the concert and asked for parent volunteers.  He also said there will not be a Bake Sale.  Mr. Barnes continued by saying the Navy Band Concert is still scheduled for February 17 and is planning on doing a media blitz. Ms. Hoffman said the he should contact the Gazette as a way to get the word out to the community.  A Bake Sale should be an easy fundraiser and should do well.  Then he continued with saying the Towson Jazz festival is scheduled for January 21 and the kids will be carpooling.  He said he was pleased with the Jazz Competition performance and said they received an overall rating of 2 with 2 ones and 2 twos.  The next event Mr. Barnes discussed was the Leggett concert and said it went well and that the Jazz Ensemble will play for the staff at the Staff Holiday Party.  Next Mr. Barnes said he will be sending out the packet for the Spring Trip next Tuesday with the first deposit due December 21.  The last item Mr. Barnes’ talked about was that he has arranged for a clinic for the orchestra with the Marine Band.


Secretary’s Report from Karen Griffin

Karen said she added two items to the November minutes after FORM approved via email to buy hotdogs for the Pep Band after the basketball games and an ad for the 2011 yearbook. The minutes were read and accepted without changes. 


Treasurer’s Report from Jennifer Rossmere

Jennifer presented the treasurer’s report from November 8 through December 13.  She began by reporting FORM’s beginning balance of $8,183.47 with income of $195 from donations; $700 from wreath sale deposits; $20 in membership; $160.16 from the County Auditions bake sale; $50 from Sally Foster Donations and another $365 from the Wreath Sale Deposits for a total income of $1,490.16.  Jennifer continued by saying expenses included $77.91 for Wreath Sale Photocopying; $1,203 Payment for Wreaths from Holloway Evergreens; $3.76 PayPal Charge; $1,992 Payment for Sally Foster; $1,516.85 Payment for Poinsettias; $82 Payment for Wreaths for total Expenses of $4,875.52, therefore the ending FORM balance is $4,796.11.  She reported the Student trip balance of $2166.20 was unchanged.  The Treasurer’s Report was accepted without change. 


President’s Report

Susan T. open the meeting by saying the Winter Concert was fabulous and the moment of silence for Matt was a nice gesture.  She continued with announcing that next Monday Phil and her will be meeting with Ms. Gamage to talk about the fundraiser issue and will inform FORM by email regarding the discussion.  She announced that the meeting will be a short one due to the 11th grade parent meeting.  She said for the January meeting she wants to open up the budget to parents so parents can see why there is such a need to fundraise.  This can be a forum where parents can come to ask questions.  She continued with saying if parents don’t want to participate in fundraising then they could name a drum or adopt an instrument.  She thought this would be a different kind of fundraising activity.  Susan announced for the remaining of the FORM meetings she will set a time limit for each agenda item and will try to limit the meetings to 1 ½ hours.  Susan continued by thanking Ann Horwich for running the bake sales during the two Concerts and said volunteers were available for most areas except for chaperoning during the concerts.  Mr. Barnes said he will have a teacher work in the room on Tuesday night and understands that parents want to hear the concerts. 



Amy said the feedback from the Wreath Sale was positive and said everyone seem to like the Wreaths and Poinsettias.  She said the only comments she had was how easy each vendor was to work with and suggested for next year to email the people who bought wreaths and poinsettias his year to let them know about the fundraiser. Susan A. talked about how disappointed people were with Sally Foster and how frustrated she was because she couldn’t register until after the fundraiser was over. 


Upcoming Events:  Recruiting Concert at Wood- December 22; Pep Band– January 11, January 26; Instrumental Cluster Concert- January 12; Towson Jazz Festival- January 21; Yankee Candle Fundraiser- January 28; Choral Cluster Concert- February 2; Jazz Ensemble Empty Bowls- February 17; Navy Band Concert- February 17; All-State Weekend (Jr. Band, Sr. Band & String)Orchestra- February 26 & 27; Chamber Music Concert- February 28; All-State Weekend (Sr. Chorus- March 4; MCPS Ensemble Festival – March 4; All State Weekend (Sr. Chorus- March 6; All State Weekend (Jr. Chorus & Jr. Orchestra) March 11; All-State Weekend (Jr. Chorus & Jr. Orchestra- March 13; MCPS Orchestra Festival- March 15; MCPS High School Choral Festival- March 16 & 17; MCPS Band Festival- March 22 & 23; Spring Festival- March 25-27..




Meeting adjourned at 7:10