April 2014 Minutes

posted Jul 1, 2014, 9:09 AM by Phil Barnes

Rockville High School

Friends of Rockville Music—Minutes

April 7, 2014


Attendance:  Phil Barnes, Ron Johnson, Holly Shropshire, Wendy Hoffman, Beth Peterson, Chris Emond, Janet Lawson, Joyce Rosenthal, Arlyn Sanchez, Susan Townsend Gray, and Damaris Richardson


President’s Report:  Holly Shropshire welcomed everyone and introduced 8th grade parent Arlyn Sanchez.   The ad for the yearbook was finalized.  Wendy Hoffman feels that the music department is underrepresented in the yearbook and Rampage.  It was suggested that events that occur late in the school year could be added to the yearbook as an addendum as is traditionally done with the prom.  Holly is arranging for a raffle at the spring concert, where there will be a $50 gift card basket for both the choral/jazz and orchestra/band concerts. Chris Emond will donate some more gift cards.  Concerning the Amazon account, Holly cautioned that when making Amazon purchases through the music department website payments have to be done quickly, because when people leave the site, RHS doesn’t get the credit for the purchases.  The After Prom Party (APP) needs photos of music students, which will be displayed at the APP. Bake sale coordinator Maureen Blaussau is coordinating food for the spring concerts. Instrument / luggage tags with the RHS logo will be sold as another fundraiser.     

Secretary’s report:  Beth Peterson’s report was accepted with amendments. 

Treasurer’s report:  Tracey Lanker was not able to be at the meeting, but she prepared a report and Holly presented. Important information includes: the spring concert raffle tickets will sell for a dollar each, Amazon brought in 50 dollars, the trip balance is $1,000 and $6,773.10 is the ending bank balance.

Vice President’s Report:  Wendy Hoffman reported that there is not yet a check from Boston Market.  Tomorrow is the Urban BBQ and Menchies fundraisers, where we will be collecting 10 percent of all sales. The last fundraiser of the year will take place in May and will be at Villa Maya and Menchies. The possibility of a summer car wash could be coupled with a Menchies fundraiser. It was suggested that FORM could do a fundraiser at Subway with Barnes behind the counter. 

Director’s Report:  Ron Johnson reminded everyone that graduation is next month.  The RHS Chorus has chosen the song that they will be singing at the ceremony. This chorus will include seven senior soloists, and original lyrics. Erica Ferguson will lead everyone in the national anthem.  Ron noted that the Choral Festival went well and the chorus received a superior rating. Potluck committees are being formed. Ron is looking forward to the April 29 concert with the Jazz Band.

Phil Barnes relayed that both the symphonic band and orchestra got a superior rating in sight-reading and overall rating of 2 at festival. The symphonic orchestra also went to Delaware for an additional festival, where a clinician worked with them after they played. The field trip included a performance by the University of Delaware music students, as well as sectional rehearsals. Rockville was strong in the festival. A number of students went to solo and ensemble festival.  Each soloist/ensemble received “superior” and “excellent” ratings.  On another note, pit orchestra was successful. The show required almost constant playing.  The music department received a number of emails from community members.  On April 8,  the Army strings are coming in to work with the concert and symphonic orchestras. Drum major auditions will be held later this week, and six students are auditioning.  The spring concerts are on the 24th and 29th.  The Mulch sale is coming soon.  The marching band members are encouraged to work at the sale since the Booster Club supports the marching band. Music awards will be given at the potluck. Awards are point based.  Work done at feeder schools also counts.  Senior awards are usually given at the senior awards night, but the music department is being asked to stream line awards this year.  Mr. Barnes feels that recognizing student achievement is important.    



Old Business:  Mr. Barnes and Mr. Johnson will be asked to make a “wish list” at next month’s meeting.

New Business: Phil is coordinating the potluck.  Students will prepare the slide show. There will be a sign-up genius to organize the food.  Vanessa’s mom did the decorations last year and may do it again this year.  Nominations for open positions in FORM can go to Holly Shropshire.  Susan will be president next school year.  Christine Manor has been nominated for Treasurer.

8:15 Meeting finished.