April 2011 Meeting Minutes

posted May 13, 2011, 7:01 AM by Phil Barnes

Minutes: FORM (Friends of Rockville Music) Meeting

April 11, 2011


Attendance:  Phil Barnes, Ann Horwich, Jennifer Rossmere, Susan Aptar, Kathy Makos, Maggie Brasted and Susan Townsend-Gray

Secretary’s Report from Karen Griffin

Karen Griffin sent regards that she would be unable to attend the meeting, so Susan Townsend-Gray will take minutes tonight.  The secretary’s report was accepted without correction.


President’s Report

Discussed the BOE decision with regards to cutting music department. Susan mentioned that she had been unable to attend but had sent an email to the Board as well as forward a couple of emails from other parents.  Phil was happy with how many people from Rockville came.  He also made mention of the Pit band and their contribution to Bye Bye Birdie.  Also talked about the mulch sale and that Phil was a huge help with the sale and that numerous members of the marching band were there to help with the sale as well.   Susan also discussed that she and Phil had met earlier in the evening to discuss officers for next year.  She is going to draft a letter that will be sent out to the music parents inquiring as to whether anyone would be interested in becoming an officer for next year.


Treasurer’s Report from Jennifer Rossmere

Jennifer presented the treasurer’s report from March 14 – April 11, 2011.  She began by reporting FORM’s beginning balance of $4,395.67 with income from Sally Foster Fundraising Internet of $39.41 and Reimbursement from RHS for Wreath Sale Bills Paid of $2,801.85 for a total income of $2,841.26.  Jennifer continued by saying the only expense was $2,371.63 for the Yankee Candle Payment.  She moved $768.60 attributable to students Yankee Candle fundraiser to the Trip Balance Account and moved the approved $1,000 for scholarships to Trip Balance Account. Therefore the FORM ending balance was reported as $3,096.70.  She reported the RHS beginning balance of $3,020 with income of $2,961.23 from Yankee Candle Fundraiser for a total balance of $5,981.23.  Expenses included payment to FORM for Bills paid of $2,801.85.  Therefore the RHS ending Balance was $3,179.38. Jennifer reported the beginning Trip Balance of $3,062.70 with income of $768.60 from amount attributable to student Yankee Candle Fundraiser and $1,000 moved from FORM Balance for Scholarships for a total income of $1,768.60.  Jennifer reported no expenses for this month, therefore the total Trip Balance was $4,831.30.

The Treasurer’s report was accepted without change.


Director’s Report from Phil Barnes

Since our last meeting, all the music ensembles went to festival.  All the ensembles received excellent ratings.  He was concerned about the orchestra’s performance so Phil was pleased with their rating. Phil received positive comments from the judges, especially in regards to a piece that the symphonic band played. Chorus ranking got a 2 overall.  Concert band festival will take place tomorrow, Tuesday April 12.


The musical (Bye  Bye Birdie) was the most fulfilling as pit director.  The kids put in so much work with not as much prep time.  They made a lot of progress.  He would like to have a discussion with drama parents when the musical gets closer for next year to make sure the logistics for tech week are easier and include pit band.   Phil was concerned about the music but it all came together.


Trip to Atlanta: Phil handed out the overview of the trip and said it had been emailed out to all the students. He wants everyone to meet on Thursday morning at 5:30 AM in the auditorium and he wants to be on the road by 6:30 AM.  FORM will provide some snacks such as granola bars and water for the trip.  The estimated return time is 3AM on Monday morning.  He suggested to students to plan to carpool.  Phil will have parking permits for chaperones which will need to be displayed in order for cars to park in the Rockville parking lot. Phil will have a quick chaperone meeting on Thursday morning before the bus leaves. Susan A. offered to get snacks for trip


Upcoming events include the Spring concerts scheduled for April 27 with the Jazz and Chorus performing and on April 28 with the Symphonic and Concert Bands will perform.  There will be intermissions so we will have bake sales.  Susan T. will compose flyer to be sent out on Ramsnet. Spring concerts flyers will be sent home to get donations for bake sale.


Allied Softball won its first game 17-9 at Einstein and said there will be a home game on Wednesday against Blair and a home game on Saturday, April 30 at 10:00 AM.  Phil said that this is the second year he has coached a Rockville team and said there are about 15 students on the team.


New Business:

Election of officers: We will need to elect a VP, Secretary and Treasurer at our May meeting.

Discussed fundraising and the fact that we need to have more than one meeting over the summer so members can discuss what fundraising will be done next year as well as what the money will be used for.  Talked briefly about a scholarship fund for the trip in 2013 and was agreed that decisions will be made earlier in the summer so that we can present them to marching band parents as well as to the first FORM meeting.  It was suggested that a meeting be set up for July 4th.


Pot luck supper: It was discussed that we need to help organize the event and the officers should not have to do all the work in regards to that evening with setting-up and taking-down of the event.  A suggestion was made that the senior parents be in charge of the event.  Another suggestion is that perhaps junior parents take charge of the event so that senior parents can enjoy the event. We should have some parents helping the students plan this event. Phil has an account that people can now sign up on line to help. 


Old Business:

Golf Tournament fundraiser-Phil had a good response of parents and students who are willing to help with this event.  We will fill in where needed and get the profits by percentage of what Rockville parents were there.  Phil has decided to move forward with this event due to the response of the email. Will have check made out to FORM.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:10


Upcoming Events:  State Solo & Ensemble Festival (Strings)- May 7; State Solo & Ensemble Festival (Winds & Percussion)- May 14; Music Department Potluck Dinner- May 19; Spring Piano/Guitar Recital- May 24; RHS Graduation (Required Performance for Symphonic Band members)- June 3.