9/9/13 Minutes

posted Sep 23, 2013, 12:01 PM by Phil Barnes   [ updated Oct 16, 2013, 12:14 PM ]

Friends of Rockville Music (FORM)


September 9, 2013

Attendance:  Phil Barnes, Ron Johnson, Holly Shropshire, Wendy Hoffman, Tracey Lankler, Beth Peterson, Damaris Richardson, Nate Glod, Susan Townsend –Gray, Al Taylor, and Janet Lawson

President’s Report:  Holly Shropshire greeted everyone.  She reported on meeting with Ms Bensen, new principal of Rockville HS, who seems supportive of the music department.   Ms. Bensen will make every effort to be present at concerts.  FORM was present at Back to School Night as well as the first booster club meeting.  FORM representatives were also present at 9th grade orientation. 

Secretary’s Report:  Beth Peterson circulated a report on the July meeting.  This report was an overview of fundraising from school year 2012-2013.  This led to a discussion of which fundraising efforts were the most successful.  The wreath sale was the most successful fundraiser in years past, however this past school year the Innisbrook wrapping paper sale was the most successful.  Innisbrook will take place this school year and will be headed by Damaris Richardson and Tony Glander.  Jennifer and Ann who headed Innisbrook last year will pass along information.

The fundraiser overview showed that the FORM Amazon account needs to be more widely used.  One person suggested that business cards could be printed with the Amazon logo along with the link to FORM.   Another idea offered was to send out an email with the link and directions to save the link to “favorites.”  Nate Glod added that putting it out on facebook would work for many people.   Another person added that an email solely about the Amazon account could be sent out right before holiday shopping.

Bake sales during concerts have helped to earn money for FORM.  This year FORM is looking for someone to coordinate the bake sales.  In the past it worked well when parents of orchestra and band students worked the bake sale during the jazz band and chorus concert.  Likewise when the parents of jazz band and chorus worked the snack bar during orchestra and band concerts.

It is in the plans to have FORM car washes.    Chris Emond will head this project.

Ugly Mug fundraiser could be a new fundraising effort for FORM.  The cost of a box is $422.  Form would make a profit of $255 if the whole box were sold.  Each box contains a variety of coffees, teas, and hot chocolate.   Susan Townsend-Gray will check out the shelf life.  The question was raised whether FORM wants to risk the cost of a box.   

E-ReUse.com was another fundraiser thrown into the discussion.  People would put used electronics in a box and the box would be sent to E-ReUse and FORM would earn money for the donation of the electronics.  The only cost to FORM would be the postage. 

Restaurants:  Wendy Hoffman will organize restaurant nights.  Villa Maya, Caesers Pizza, Panera ,  Urban BBQ, Big Greek Café and Boston Market are all venues in the plans for 2013-14.  Menchies will also support FORM.  Dates have not yet been confirmed.  Flyers are not always required for restaurant nights.

Pictures are needed of students making music for a display when FORM is advertising.  Phil Barnes reminded everyone that there is a photo section on the Rockville music website. 

Treasurer’s Report:  Tracey Lankler distributed a report.  FORM is now finally seeing monthly gains from Amazon.  To date the FORM checking account has $1,992.10 plus $60 in cash box.  The Treasurer’s report was voted on and accepted.

Director’s Reports:  Phil Barnes reports that the marching band is in full swing.  Numbers in the band are at 37.  Percussion numbers are up and the percussion section is being highlighted.  There will be a football game Thursday.   Wood Middle School students will be coming over to play with the High School marching band.  County and All State participation is addressed in classes.  Equipment check will take place on September 27.  Mr. Barnes has a student teacher this year – Mr. Kelly.  Mr. Kelly has been working with the students and they are responding well to him.  Question was raised whether there is enough support for marching band.  Snack bar volunteers are needed at games.  The marching band will not be performing in the Gaithersburg parade this year.  Marching in this parade had been a tradition since 2006.  Each year the city of Gaithersburg made a thousand dollar donation to Rockville HS.  This year they are taking away that support.  Barnes responded that RHS would be taking too big a financial hit in doing the parade. 

Ron Johnson expressed disappointment at losing the Wood Middle School choral teacher to Northwest.  There is a long term sub at Wood and Johnson will lend him as much support as possible.  He is trying to find a date for a cluster choral concert.  This is proving to be a challenge.  Johnson wants to make sure it works this year.  Also, he has his choral groups performing at a number of smaller venues. 

The Treasurer presented the line item report on expenses since 2010-11.  Based on the spending a proposal was made for this year’s budget.  Proposed amounts:  Upper cap of $200 for Wood MS marching band event.  Professional development will stay at $250.  Visiting Instructor will also stay at $300.  $1,500 needs to be set aside for end of year awards. $80 can be spent for the pot luck dinner decorations. The senior tribute ad in musical program and yearbook will be allotted $250.  The money used to buy hot dogs for the pep band will be crossed out.  The substitute costs for directors to attend the county festivals will be bumped up from $150 to 200.  Flowers for seniors will stay at $50.  Instrument repair budget needs to be bumped up to $500 at least.  FORM will work toward matching what the county gives the program for repairs.  Instrument Workshops will be covered by the visiting instructor budget.  Holiday decorations will be scratched.  Scholarship for drum major camp – half scholarship has been most often offered.  The price has remained steady at $500.  Photocopy costs will be scratched. 

The budget resolution was approved. 

Other news:  FORM membership is now in Spanish.  Unfilled positions in FORM are bake sale coordinator, and end of year potluck coordinator.  Mr. Taylor will lead the stage crew for concerts.  A music advocate for the board of Education is needed.  Expanding FORM membership is needed.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20.