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Minutes:  FORM (Friends of Rockville Music) Meeting

September 14, 2009


Attendance:  Grace Cho, Amy Rick, Elizabeth Cooper-Martin, Greg Olson, Ann Horwich, Susan Townsend-Gray, Susan Apter, Scott Britt, Maggie Brasted, Michael Hetchlop, Phil Barnes and Karen Griffin


Secretary’s Report from Karen Griffin

Nothing to report. 


Treasurer’s Report from Jennifer Rossmere

Jennifer was not able to attend therefore the treasurer’s report was presented from June 8 – September 13, 2009 by Karen Griffin.  She began by saying the beginning balance was $3,741.56 with income from Booster Club donation of $3,511.47; adjustment for check never cashed of $20 and memberships of $160 for a total income of $3,691.47.  Expenses included $4.75 service charge; end of year awards of $588.50 and $419; copier & piano bench for $880.00; settlement of the spring trip for $1,197.49; Booster Club donation to the Marching Band for $3,511.47 and FORM Checks for $17.30 for a total expense of $6,618.51.  Therefore the total ending balance is $814.52.  The Treasurer’s report was accepted without changes. 


President’s Report

Susan opened the meeting by introducing herself to the group and briefly talked about Everything Rockville and what a great event to showcase the Marching Band.  She continued by talking about how FORM had a table at back to school night and closed with what a great program Phil has and how there is a need to continue to push for support for the music department.


Director’s Report

Phil began by saying Mr. Johnson had a conflict and wasn’t able to attend tonight’s meeting but he wanted Phil to conveyed his thanks for supporting the Choral Department and how he is enjoying being at Rockville.  Phil continued by saying Mr. Johnson goals for this year included 1) purchasing uniforms for Chorus.  Mr. Johnson said the robes have a look of liturgical to them and would like to purchase 15 tuxes for $100 each and 60 dresses at $70 each; 2) an accompanist and 3) transportation for festivals.  Phil said the Chorus attends both the County and State Festivals.


A brief discussion ensued regarding the possibility of having the tuxes be interchangeable with the music department.  Phil stated Mr. Johnson would like to have the entire ensemble (shirt, jacket, tie, pants and cumberbum) so the total look will be uniform and professional.  Phil said he would ask Dr. Munk and Ms. Gamage for funds. Susan suggested inviting Choral parents to a FORM meeting where Mr. Johnson could talk about his goals and use it as a forum to get Choral parents more involved.  Phil said the Music Department paid for the transportation and the accompanist out of the fees assessed in the past and felt FORM should consider paying for these items.  Susan said a good way to fund raise is just to ask for donations and said people like to see what their contributions go towards and suggested adding a link to the Rockville Music web site where donations could be made online.


Next Phil talked about the Friday night game and said the issues he was having with the marching band have been cleared up.  He said he had the event videotaped and had the kids watch their performance so now they understand what he wants.  He continued by saying he viewed the Gaithersburg Parade and thought it went well and will also have the Brunswick Parade taped. 


Phil announced that Rockville staff will no longer be allowed to use the school’s copiers because of maintenance restrictions and cost of supplies.  Now all staff will have to submit originals 24 hours in advance for the front office staff to make copies.  This will not be an issue once the Music Department’s copier is delivered.  



Elizabeth Cooper-Martin thanked Phil for mentioning the Sally Foster Fundraiser at back to school night and told the group about the change in dates for the fundraiser.  She said the dates for Sally Foster will now be October 9 – October 23, with a delivery date of mid November.  She said she will have the brochures to Phil for distribution after school on the 9th.  Amy mentioned there will only be about a week in between Sally Foster and the wreath sales but thought it would work.  Elizabeth said the Sally Foster fundraiser will be handled differently where half of the money raised will go to FORM and half will go to individual music student’s accounts for next years spring trip.  A question was raised about the seniors and how it will work for them.  Elizabeth answered by saying there are several possibilities.  One way is to have 100% of the senior’s money go towards the music department, or possibly go to a younger sibling in the music department or maybe gift cards.  Amy mentioned in the past it was handled by giving out scholarships to music students who couldn’t afford to go on the spring trip.  Elizabeth continued by saying Sally Foster makes it very easy to keep track and only really needs help with the data entry.  Kathy Makos volunteered to help with the data entry.  Elizabeth said she will not be doing Sally Foster next year therefore she needs to have a co-chair to shadow her.  The last issue Elizabeth talked about was magazine selling.  She said Sally Foster has a magazine catalog and could include it in the packet and asked if this was something FORM was interested in.  Phil spoke up and said Wood sells magazines and didn’t think it would be a good idea.  Susan suggested having a table at the home games for selling Sally Foster and for selling wreaths.  Everyone thought this was a good idea but thought permission was needed from the Booster Club beforehand. 


Kathy suggested sending out a letter to parents alerting them about the fundraising opportunities and also outlining wish list items in case people would prefer to write checks instead of buying merchandise.  The letter could explain about how much it cost to run the program and how much the department actually receives from the County. She said it could also be posted on RAMSNET as a way to get the word out. 


Elizabeth said she will be re-doing the letter and asked Phil for the e-mail addresses for the music parents and if he had any big ticket items to include in the letter.  She also asked if FORM was interested in Sally Foster prizes.  Phil said he does have a need for 3 new tubas which cost $5,000 each.  The type of tuba he is interested in can be used for both marching band and for the ensembles.  Amy said prizes were usually given out with FORM funds. 


Kathy clarified by saying the Booster Club needs 2 marching band parent volunteers at each home game and said parent volunteers need to make sure you introduce yourself as a marching band parent.


Next Mark Olsen talked about printer toner recycling. He said HP buys used toners back and said manufacturers are required to offer recycling.  Anne thought the PTA had an existing program and either we could join with them or if they are not we could start it on our own.  Anne volunteered to be the PTSA representative.


Amy announced the Booster Club will be voting on budget allocations for May-June at the October 5 meeting and suggested marching band parents attend.  She said she will be drafting a letter to Jeff Carmine to see if the Booster Club has objections to FORM having a table for our fundraising activities.


A representative from L & L Music Wind Shop talked about their services and passed out a flyer to the group.


 Meeting adjourned at 8:10.