6/10/13 Minutes

posted Jul 26, 2013, 10:22 AM by Phil Barnes

Friends of Rockville Music (FORM) Minutes from June 10, 2013 Meeting

Attended by Holly Shropshire, Phil Barnes, Ronald Johnson, Al Taylor, Tracey Lankler, Wendy Hoffman, Chris Emond, (Holly please add any names that I have forgotten)

President’s Report:

The Music’s Department’s year end pot luck dinner went well.   Mr. Barnes and Mr. Johnson agreed.  It was a great example of the community of Rockville High School.  A special thanks was given to Susan Rubbo for organizing the event.

The Tracy Lankler, FORM Treasurer, has been busy tracking late payments and receivables in order to close out the accounts for the year.

Secretary’s Report:

There was no report presented.  Approval for the minutes from the previous meeting was tabled until the next FORM meeting. 

Treasurer’s Report:

The final voucher for the awards was received.  The year-end assets should be approximately $1,900. 

There was a discussion concerning the amount of year-end assets and FORM status as a non-profit organization.  The year-end assets are below the same amount from the previous two years.  This will not cause a problem with FORM’s non-profit status.  These assets are needed to fund events that take place before or at the beginning of the school year such as, the Wood Middle School recruiting event and pizza, instrument repairs, truck rental for the marching band, and other marching band expenses.

Ms. Hoffman moved that we accept the Treasurer’s report; the motion was seconded by Mr. Johnson and approved by those in attendance.


Ms. Hoffman reported that the fundraising event at Villa Maya was successful and raised $225 and the same night fundraising at Menchies brought in an additional $11.80.  She suggested that future fundraising events at Villa Maya and Urban BBQ should include Menchies as well. 

Ms. Lankler said she thought the restaurant fundraisers were very successful with little FORM members’ interaction with the process, except for Ms. Hoffman’s, as opposed to fundraising events such as Yankee Candle and catalogue sales which required more time of FORM members.  The restaurant events success should be gauged individually and those that were successful should be continued and others that were not gauged as successful should be replaced by new restaurants or return more than once to restaurants that were successful. 

Several fundraising ideas were briefly discussed, a car wash at the Village Exxon and the Silver Diner.  The summer fundraising meeting will be held at Villa Maya restaurant on July 17, at 6:00 p.m.  Fundraising ideas will be discussed at this meeting.  All FORM members are welcomed at this meeting.

Mr. Johnson’s Report:

Graduation went well and he wishes that future graduations take place at Strathmore.  After a summer to recharge, he is looking forward to next year.  The interaction between his counterpart at Wood Middle School has been both productive and rewarding.  This is good for future choruses.

Mr. Barnes Report:

He spoke with a friend at Hoover Middle School regarding the new RHS Principal Ms. Bensen and reported that Ms. Bensen will be missed when she leaves.  This is a good sign for RHS.

He took several students to try out for the Raven’s Marching Band and reported that some may play for the band.  This will continue a multiyear streak of RHS Marching Band members playing for the Raven’s Marching Band.

The solo performers who played in the State Solo and Ensemble Festival each received superior ratings.

He went to Wood Middle School with the RHS athletic department to recruit for the Marching Band.  HE will be returning to Wood Middle School next week with members of the RHS music groups to recruit for next year.

The percussion instructor has left to continue his education in New Mexico.  He has replacement in mind.

The graduation went great, but was a bit late.

The Alumni Concert was very successful.  It was fun and a great musical experience.  It was good to see past members together again.  He sees continuing with these concerts every two or three years.

Marching Band Camp begins August 5.  A FORM membership application will be included with Marching Band Packet.

New Business:

The line item budget was discussed.  After the most recent three years income and expenses are compiled by the Treasurer they will be used as a basis for the 2013-2014 FORM budget.

The new principal was discussed.  Sometime this summer the FORM board will meet with Principal Bensen in order to inform her of the function of FORM. In addition, Principal Bensen will be asked to be present at the RHS musical events as a sign of support for the program.

Mr. Barnes nominated Beth Peterson to become FORM’s Secretary for the 2013-2014 year.  Ms. Lankler seconded the nomination and the members passed the motion.  Al Taylor was appointed as the Stage Crew Coordinator.

A discussion was held regarding increasing member participation.  In an effort to improve member participation the membership form will now include a list of volunteer duties.  Members will be encouraged to receive monthly emails seeking a one-time volunteer opportunity.

Scheduling dates for the 2013-2014 year were discussed in detail.  One suggestion was to schedule the Chorus and Band/Orchestra on different weeks, rather in the same week, to increase attendance.

Ms. Lankler moved to adjourn the meeting.  Mr. Barnes seconded the motion and the members passed the motion.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:08 p.m.