3/11/13 Minutes

posted Apr 16, 2013, 5:05 AM by Phil Barnes

Friends of Rockville Music (FORM)


March 11, 2013


Attendance:  Kara Garraty, Holly Shropshire, Chris Emond, Al Taylor, Karen Cropper, Warith Sultan, Ronald Johnson, Susan Rubbo Norton, Susan Townsend Gray, Kaitlyn Townsend Gray, Lynnet Anderson, Linda Corbelli, Beth Peterson, Phil Barnes

Holly Shropshire opened the meeting up with introductions.

President’s Report

Holly gave an overview of what we are going to discuss during this meeting – primarily the upcoming band trip, budget for next year, service positions.

Secretary’s Report

Holly asked everyone to take a few moments to review the minutes.  There being no corrections or comments, Chris Emond motioned to approve the minutes – Ron Johnson seconded – no objections so the minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report

This will be reviewed later as Tracey Lankler will be late to the meeting.

Director’s Report

Ron Johnson discussed the Festival on Wednesday at 11:00.  He is looking forward to the upcoming Spring Concert.  He is also looking forward to the upcoming trip.  There are 16 chorus students going on the trip.

Phil Barnes discussed the following:

-          Pit is going strong – there are 30-35 students – good number – it will really pick up after the trip

-          Ensemble photos went well

-          Pep Band is finished – went well – did well, especially with the double headers they had this year

-          1 instrumental student went to All State – went well

-          Chamber was successful – everyone sounded good

-          Orchestra goes to county tomorrow at 4:20

-          Band will go next Tuesday to Whitman

-          The mulch sale is Saturday, April 6th – Marching Band needs to sign up to help

-          On a personal note, Phil Barnes will be performing at UMD on Wednesday at 7:30 and would love to see his students in the audience

-          Phil received a note from a student who received financial aid for the upcoming music – nice thank you note he shared with the group.

Old Business

Holly discussed the upcoming bake sales for the spring concerts.  The concerts are Tuesday April 23 – JE/Chorus, and Thursday, April 25 – CB, SB/Orch.

FORM is looking for a parent to help coordinate parent volunteers to help out on concert nights.

Phil discussed the Music Trip and went over the handout with all the information.  He answered any questions parents had while reviewing the packet.

New Business

The potluck dinner is on May 16th.  Holly asked if there was a parent interested in helping Mr. Barnes coordinate the event – Susan Rubbo volunteered.

Holly asked the attendees to please take a look at the Line Item Budget for next year and come up with any additional items that may have been overlooked.  We will revisit this at the next meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Tracy went over the report at this time.  The beginning balance is $3073.75 with income from Guiseppis Restaurant of $60 and Big Greek Café of $217, totaling income of $277.  The expenses were $116.75 for Wood MS recruitment trip, leaving an ending FORM balance of $3234.  The trip balance is at $0 and the cashbox is $60, leaving total assets at $3294.

Holly went over the leadership roles FORM is looking for next year.

There being no further business to discuss, Phil Barnes moved to adjourn, Tracey Lankler seconded – no one opposed.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.