2/11/13 Minutes

posted Mar 11, 2013, 3:28 PM by Phil Barnes

Friends of Rockville Music (FORM)


February 11, 2013

Attendance: Susan Townsend Gray, Holly Shropshire, Kara Garraty, Phil Barnes, Ron Johnson, Wendy Hoffman, Jennifer Rossmere, Chris Emond, Beth Peterson, Al Taylor

Holly Shropshire opened up with introductions.

Presidents Report

Holly discussed the senior ad. The artwork wasn’t acceptable so Holly is going to re-work it. The officers had a financial aid meeting regarding the Spring Trip which resulted in $3200 being awarded to students in need. The officers also had a meeting to discuss creating a line item budget list for FORM, which will be presented at the next FORM meeting.

Secretary’s Report

The minutes were reviewed and there being no comments or corrections a motion was made to approve, the motion was seconded and the minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s Report was reviewed as follows: Beginning balance was $10,509.33 - Income included restaurant fundraiser – Urban Burger at $280, bake sales and raffle at $696.35, wreath fundraiser $74, Goodsearch dining $13.25 and a late Innisbrook check for $16 leaving a total income of $1,079.60. Expenses included the following: Innisbrook payment of $3249.92, holiday concert decorations of $53.49, returned check fee – Innisbrook $25.90, yearbook ad of $150, Innisbrook funds attributed to trip of $1511.84, wreath/poinsettia attributed to trip at $892.97 – total expenses are $5884.12, with an ending FORM balance of $5704.81. The trip beginning balance is $890.45 with income including a $50 donation, $1000 for raking, $1511.84 Innisbrook profit to trip, $892.97 wreath/poinsettia profit to trip leaving a total income of $3,454.81 and an ending trip balance of $4,345.26. A motion was made to approve the treasurer’s report, the motion was seconded and the report was approved.

Director’s Report

Phil disussed the following:

- Wood Auditions went well – numbers are good for orchestra but low for band students.

- JE at Towson Jazz Festival – they received good feedback – they played well

- We have a new student teacher from the University of Maryland

- Pep Band is coming to a close – they had four games this year

- Phil had a chance to meet with Dr. Starr at Frost Middle School – he thanked him for putting music positions into the budget next year

- Pit orchestra is going well but they are in great need of more saxaphones

- Ensemble photos are this Friday and students need to be in full uniform

- Latin Culture Night – jr.’s and sr.’s jazz group – Phil could not be there but the kids did a great job

- Chamber Concert is on 2/25 at Barnes and Noble

- 3/1 and 3/2 – Solo and Ensemble Festival

- County Festivals are coming up – Orchestra is 3/12, Chorus is 3/13, and Band is 3/19

- Trip is coming up very soon

Ron discussed the following:

- Festival coming up on the 13th

- The Elementary school visits are going very well – the students really seem to enjoy the visits

- Ron has been working very hard with the students in the musical – it is coming along

Old Business

The upcoming trip was discussed, specifically questions were answered about the bus logistics. The chaperone sign-ups will be going up soon.

New Business

Phil brought up the upcoming music festivals and the need for money from FORM to pay for the ½ day subs – the school provides for ½ day subs and FORM has agreed to pay for the other half.

Phil motioned for $200 from FORM to pay for the ½ day subs for the upcoming music festivals, Holly seconded and the motioned was approved.

Phil reported that Yankee Candle did not bring in as much as expected – perhaps the timing was not the best.

Phil mentioned the alumni concert on June 1st. He has gotten good feedback – this also includes the class of 2013.

Wendy reported that the Guiseppe’s Restaurant Fundraiser check was for $60 – not quite what we expected. The next fundraiser is at The Greek Café.

There being no further business, Phil Barnes motioned to adjourn, Susan Townsend Gray seconded and the motion was approved. The meeting was adjourned at 7:55.