1/14/13 Minutes

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Friends of Rockville Music (FORM)

Meeting Notes (Draft)

January 14, 2013

Attendees:  Wendy Hoffman, Jennifer Rossmere, Chris Emond, Tracey Lankler, Holly Shropshire, Phil Barnes

Holly Shropshire opened the meeting. 

President’s Report

Hillary Clagett has agreed to be the bake sale coordinator for the last two concerts this year (the spring concerts).   Holly has submitted the senior names and payment for a senior tribute ad in the yearbook.  Holly mentioned the Barnes & Noble night, which will allow small ensemble players to perform in a smaller setting.

Secretary’s Report

Holly gave everyone an opportunity to read over the minutes.  One change to the minutes has been requested in the Director’s Report section:   

Old sentence:  “Tracey suggested that we consider choosing this option as our primary one year and put all our energies into this rather than restaurant fundraisers, Innisbrook, and Yankee Candle.”

New sentence: “Tracey suggested that we consider choosing this option (if it is highly profitable) as our primary one year and put all our energies into this rather than restaurant fundraisers, Innisbrook, and Yankee Candle.”

No other changes were requested for the December meeting minutes.  Minutes were approved with change.

Treasurer’s Report

Tracey presented the Treasurer’s Report showing income from Urban Burger ($280), Bake sales and raffle ($696.35), Wreath fundraiser ($74), Goodsearch ($13.25) and Innisbrook – late check ($16).  Expenses were to Innisbrook ($3,249.92), Decorations for holiday concerts ($53.49), Returned check fee ($25.90) and Yearbook Ad ($150).  The ending FORM balance was $8,109.62.  There were two income additions for the Trip Fund of a $50 donation and $1,000 for raking.  The Ending Trip Balance after the amount was corrected is $1,940.45 The Cash in the Cashbox was changed from $89 to $60. The Treasurer’s Report was approved as amended and Tracey will submit a revised report with the amendments.



Vice President’s Report

Wendy gave updates on the restaurant fundraisers.  Giuseppe’s Pizza night is 1/29.  Though it is not required for our cut of the money, please tell the staff that you are part of the RHS group.  We want the Guiseppe’s management to recognize the patronage that we bring.  The Greek Café night is scheduled for 2/19; however, Mr. Barnes has asked Wendy to change the date to 2/12.  Mama Lucia’s (Olney) is 3/7.  CA Tortilla is 4/24. We end the restaurant fund raisers with Villa Maya on 5/23.

Wendy asked if we had received anything from Amazon.  Mr. Barnes will take a look but he has received nothing yet.

Director’s Report

Mr. Barnes provided the following updates. 

Barnes & Nobel night is 2/25.  This is for solo/ensemble performances.  We are partnering with the Junior Class on this.  They will handle the fundraising aspect, and the music department will simply provide the music.  The funds raised will go towards the cost of renting Strathmore for graduation.

Mr. Barnes mentioned that Hillary Clagett will coordinate the last two bake sales. 

Mr. Barnes mentioned the scheduling issues that many music students have.  Many students cannot register for their chosen music classes due to their academic course load.  RHS may be able to offer an after school Theory of Knowledge class to help IB students remain in music classes.  The after school TOK classes could be arranged as M-Th, from 2:15 to 3:00. 

Overall we discussed the need to find ways to keep students in music -- at the high school level and also in middle school. 

Regarding performances:  The Jazz Band performed at the Empty Bowls benefit and this was in support of the school’s Holiday Fund.  At the Jazz County festival, the Jazz Band scored a Rating of 2 – Excellent.   The winter concerts took place, and Pep Band has kicked off the basketball season.  The All County senior band, senior orchestra, and junior band season is underway.

Mr. Barnes was at Wood MS today for auditions for next year’s RHS music classes.  There is concern that many students may not remain in music due to course loads and general lack of interest (on the part of the students and/or the parents).   

This Friday, there is a jazz festival at Towson.  There will be clinics with faculty, master classes and a concert by the jazz faculty.   The jazz band will attend.

Dr. Starr will be visiting RHS on 1/28.  There will be an open forum that night at Richard Montgomery at 7:30. 

In the next school year’s budget, there is funding for 5 new elementary school music teachers.  This is good news, but the positions will need to make it thru the rest of the budget process.  There is still risk that the positions could be cut.

Pep Band dates:  1/25, 2/5, and 2/19.  Pit will begin on 2/7 on Thursdays.  Tracey Lankler requested a list of pit musicians so that the drama team has access to the names and emails of all spring musical participants. 

Ensemble photos will be taken on 2/15.  Students will need to bring concert attire to school that day.

A new student teacher will be in place on Wednesday mornings this semester.  This will last 8 weeks.  The same student teacher will be here full time next fall.  The student teacher has also agreed to work with the marching band.

Yankee Candle sales have begun.  The students’ earnings from the sale will not be calculated into the letters sent home immediately after the 1/21 and 1/22 break.  We won’t know the students’ earnings until 1/25.  Mr. Barnes needs a parent volunteer to tally up the orders the weekend of 1/25/13.  Mr. Barnes will contact those families with Yankee Candle sales as to what to deduct from what is due.  

Regarding the spring music trip, the final payment from students is due 2/1.  The final payment to the trip vendor is due 2/8.  All monies for the trip must be in the school account by 2/8.   We have an estimated $1,200 for scholarships.  The following are milestones in the music trip scholarship process: 

·         1/23:  A letter, which indicates funds earned by each student, will be sent home with students.  The letter will include the application for financial aid.

·         1/28:  Requests for financial aid are due to Mr. Barnes and Mr. Johnson.

·         1/28:  FORM will meet with Mr. Barnes and Mr. Johnson at 6:00 p.m. to review scholarship applications.  All FORM members are invited to attend the meeting.

·         1/29:  Recipients of financial aid will be informed of their awards.