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Minutes:  FORM (Friends of Rockville Music) Meeting

December 14, 2009


Attendance:  Susan Townsend-Gray, Jennifer Rossmere, Maggie Brasted, Ann Horwich, Susan Apter, Yves Alexis, Ray Mutombo, Amy Rick, Phil Barnes and Karen Griffin


Secretary’s Report from Karen Griffin

November minutes were approved by Jennifer and Ann seconded. 


Treasurer’s Report from Jennifer Rossmere

Jennifer presented the treasurer’s report from November 9 through December 14.  She reported the beginning balance of $7,369.27 with donations of $150 from the judges dinner during the Honors Auditions.  The following High Schools contributed: Gaithersburg ($50), Wooten ($50) and Watkins Mill ($50); donation from wreath pickup of $25.00, income from concession stands from the County Honors Auditions on 11/02/09 and 11/17/09 of $370.64, Sally Foster check return of $15.00 and $29.68, income from wreath sales of $3,486.20, wreath decoration sales of $52.00, wreath sale deposit of $628.00, Sally Foster deposit of $2.00 and income from the 12/10 Winter Concert Bake Sale of $233.36 for a total income of $4,901.62.  Expenses included Food for the Judges for the County Auditions of $182.52, Sally Foster payment of $2,313.00, Jazz Clinic of $300.00, hand-warmers for drumline of $147.88, Taxes collected from Sally Foster of $274.23, service charge for return checks of $16.00, Gift Cards for Sally Foster sellers of $120.00 and wreath payment of $2,385 for expenses total of $5,738.63.  The amount of $1,204.00 was moved from the FORM balance to the Student Trip Fund.  Therefore, the ending FORM balance is $5,328.26 with the beginning student trip balance of $1,204.00.  The Treasurer’s report was accepted without changes.  It was agree to reimburse Susan Apter for her contribution to the Judges dinner.


President’s Report

Susan briefly talked again about FORM’s role with the Marching Band and the Chorus.  She wants Chorus parents to get more involve and wants to establish a strong relationship with chorus parents and other parents of the music department. Susan then introduced Amy Rich who is the Wreath and Poinsettia Fundraiser Chair. 



Amy said although Jennifer is the keeper of the numbers she believes FORM realized a profit of $1,900, thanks to Ann, Kathy and Susan.  She said the poinsettias were the big seller this year over the wreaths.  Phil asked what we are doing wrong about promoting the fundraisers.  Amy said she is concern with only 29 students participating with 20% of the sales done by 2 students.  Amy did realize FORM just turned in the Sally Foster fundrasiser and understands the timing was off this year.  She also said FORM ran into the same problem with Sally Foster with less students participating and stated this is a scary trend.  Phil said many more organizations are fundraising which seems to pull from ours.  Amy does recommends doing the wreaths and the decorations again next year and suggested taking a picture of a decorated wreath to put on the flyer. Amy also suggested having only one pickup instead of two for next year.  Amy also said she finished her procedures and will give them to Kathy.  Ann said for next years she will post to e-wood in hopes of generating more sales.  Amy thought being able to pay on-line with a credit card might help and Phil said he is working on setting up an account.  Phil also said over the summer he will get some kids to help make signs similar to what the Booster Club has for the mulch sale. Amy continued by saying the number of students who participated in the wreath and poinsettia fundraiser bother her and said because this was an off year the incentive was not as strong.  Susan Townsend-Gray said we need to find commercial orders for next year.  Phil believes because of the change in the ability of assessing fees for schools, has resulted in more organizations doing fundraisers. 


Mr. Barnes brought up the next fundraiser will be the Yankee Candle beginning on January 29 through February 12 with an expected delivery of middle of March.  The catalog will have Easter, Mother’s Day and summer items for sale. 


Another fundraiser idea brought to his attention by a parent was selling flower bulbs but though discussion of it should be put on hold until the summer fundraiser meeting. 


Phil emphasized again that he is pursuing the prospect of setting up a Pay Pal account so donations can be done on-line through a web site linked to the music department.  It will also be used so people can order fundraiser items on-line using their credit cards.  Phil thinks the deposit will go directly to the bank which might make it hard to determine the purpose but he will know more once it is set up.


Director’s Report

Susan Apter asked if kids could sit in for the concerts if their IB schedules can’t accommodate music.  Phil answered by saying yes kids can come in during lunch to keep up with the music but it does affect the seating.  For instance, kids who would normally sit as first chair will not because they will be missing classes.  For some kids being placed second would be hard to take.  Phil said the IB program works at Richard Montgomery because Richard Montgomery is a bigger school with a bigger program and with more students. 


Phil began by saying Thursday night’s performance went well and said he will put out an announcement for food donations for next week’s performance.  At the Jazz Festival, he said we received superior ratings for an average score of 88, with one judge giving them a 95.  He said he has sent the recording for the 2010 Grammy Signature Schools program and was please with the recording.  Phil continued by saying the All County Honors Auditions also went well and the judges were very appreciative of the food Rockville provided.  Phil said Drew Perry (clarinet) and Zack Zweig (horn) was accepted to the MCPS Junior Honors Band with Zach Zweig also accepted to the Maryland All-State Band; Alisa Hahn (viola) was accepted to the Senior Honors Orchestra and Francis Kang (cello) accepted to the Maryland All-State Orchestra.  In addition, Amy Broadbent (soprano) was accepted to the Montgomery County Youth Chorus and Maryland All-State Women’s Chorus and Jean Pierre Leroy (bass) was accepted to the Montgomery County Youth Chorus. 


Mr. Barnes talked about the upcoming schedules for next year classes and said students going into the IB program will have trouble fitting band into their schedules and he is worried about the numbers working out for next year.  He continued by saying he is still planning on taking students to Wood Middle School for the recruiting concert on December 22 and is taking the Marching Band, Jazz Band, Chorus and String Orchestra.  Phil concluded with saying the Marching Band uniforms will stay out for a little while longer in case a performance comes up


Upcoming events:  Wood Recruiting Concert on December 22; Cluster Concert in January 27.    


Old Business

Phil said Ron couldn’t be here tonight but Phil wanted to talk about the chorus uniforms.  He said the All County festival will be the end of March and said the supplier is good at getting supplies out.  Chorus parents will help with measurements.  Also,.



Meeting adjourned at 7:55.