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Minutes:  FORM (Friends of Rockville Music) Meeting

November 9, 2009


Attendance:  Ann Horwich, Kathy Makos, Susan Apter, Susan Townsend-Gray, Jennifer Rossmere, Amy Rick, Grace Cho, Ron Johnson, Phil Barnes and Karen Griffin


Secretary’s Report from Karen Griffin

October minutes were approved with corrections to the names on the attendance sheet. 


Treasurer’s Report from Jennifer Rossmere

Jennifer presented the treasurer’s report from October 12 through November 9.  She reported the beginning balance of $2,044.52 with income of $240 from memberships; $60.00 in donations, Sally Foster Deposit of $5,007.03 and $17.72 balance from trip fund for a total income of $7,369.27. There were no expenses to report.  Jennifer said there was a beginning trip balance of $336.38 with expenses of $318.66 for Maryland sales tax.  This left a balance of $17.72 which was moved to the general funds account. The Treasurer’s report was accepted without changes. 


President’s Report

Susan opened the meeting by saying how thrilled she was that Mr. Johnson came to the meeting last month and how she wanted to post on Ramsnet reminders about future FORM meetings so more parents will get involved.  She said it was good to hear Mr. Johnson plans and goals for the upcoming year.  Susan continued by thanking the parents for stepping up to help with the judge’s dinner.  Susan Apter agreed with Susan and said how great that Rockville, being such a small school was able to step in and help support music program and Mr. Barnes.  Ann expressed a wish to get more parents involved by signing up for upcoming events earlier in the year with a commitment of 1 hour a month.  Kathy suggested pulling together a volunteer sign up sheet and sending it out to parents.  FORM could use it as a planning tool and those parents who don’t sign up, would be called and ask to volunteer for upcoming events.



Susan said Elizabeth was not available to attend tonight’s meeting but sent an e-mail with the Sally Foster update.  She stated sales this year were $4,626.00 compared to last year of $4,185.00 and said the figure didn’t include the online sales.  There were only four students who earned the “get out of scales cards free” and Mr. Barnes has not awarded the other gift cards to students who sold over $200.00.  Elizabeth said delivery is scheduled for November 16 with a possible pickup date of November 17 after school. 


Amy reminded everyone that the Wreath sales which historically is FORM’s main fundraiser ends this Friday and said a reminder will go out on Ramnet.  She asked if we should have flyers at the snack bar for junior and senior auditions.  It was decided it was a good idea and Kathy said she could make copies and have them at the snack bar.


Director’s Report

Phil began by talking about what a great season the Marching Band had and said they did well at the USBA competition.  He said he changed the class they competed in from competitive to participation.  He said if he hadn’t made the change they would have finished 4th.  He said he made the change because two weeks prior the competition several kids were out with the flu and the band hadn’t gotten through the full performance until the day before the show.  He continued by saying the Brunswick parade was the strongest of the season especially since we had to stage such a long distance away from the parade kickoff point.  Next Phil talked about the playoff game and how there are more stringent rules about the half time show timing.  Phil thanked the parents for helping with the Judges dinners for the junior and senior auditions.  He said the recruitment concert at Wood will be moved to December 22, before winter break and plans on taking the Marching Band, jazz ensemble and chorus.  They will be performing in Wood’s cafeteria.  Phil praised the new music teacher at Wood.  He said she is jump starting the program and she seems to be a better fit.  Mr. Johnson added she is organized and is able to engage the kids.  Phil continued by saying she intends to restart the jazz band and a guitar class after school even though she isn’t full-time.  Another item Phil talked about was the jazz clinic with Chris Vadala that he has every year.  He said usually Chris gets paid $600 for his jazz clinics and in previous years half of his fee was paid for by another company and waived the other half due to his relationship with me and Rockville.  This year Chris will not have half of his salary paid for but still offered to do the clinic.  Mr. Barnes said Chris is only asking for reimbursement of $200.  Amy said the clinic is well worth it and FORM should paid Chris half of his salary of $300.  It was agreed FORM would pay the $300 for holding the jazz clinic. 


Mr. Johnson provided more information on the uniforms for the chorus.  He said the current enrollment is 27 girls and 8 boys.  The Caroline gown costs $62.50 each and the tuxedo cost is $94.00 (includes the coat, trousers, wing shirt, tie & cummerbund) for a total cost of $2,439.50.  He suggested ordering 35 gowns and 15 tuxedoes to accommodate growth for next year. There was a brief discussion of renting the uniforms or assessing a cleaning fee to help off set the costs.  Another question arose in regards to what to do if a student couldn’t afford the rental.  Amy suggested FORM could set up a scholarship fund for those who couldn’t afford the cost.  Kathy asked if the uniforms could be rented and Phil said you need to be careful with rentals.  Susan asked Mr. Johnson what would be the total cost.  He responded by saying for 35 gowns and 15 tuxedoes he is asking for $3,597.50. Another discussion arose about different ways of spreading out the costs over several years after which it was tabled for another meeting.


Upcoming events:  November 10 is the Junior Auditions and the Senior Auditions on November 17; the end of the season party at CiCi on November 18; Wood Recruiting Concert on December 22.    


New Business

Kathy discussed cold weather gear for the Marching Band (hats, hand and foot warmers and hand warmers for the drum line.   She said for the drum line she could get the warmers in time for Friday night’s game.  Amy moved to fund the $130 for the warmers and Phil second.  Kathy also briefly talked about rain coats for the marching band and said the kids could do fundraisers over the summer to fund the coats or asking the Booster Club for funds.  It was decided to table this discussion for another time. 


Meeting adjourned at 8:30.