1/13/14 Minutes

posted Feb 18, 2014, 12:36 PM by Phil Barnes

Rockville High School

Friends of Rockville Music—Minutes

January 13, 2014


Attendance:  Phil Barnes, Ron Johnson, Holly Shropshire, Wendy Hoffman, Tracey Lankler, Beth Peterson, Chris Emond, Janet Lawson, Joyce Rosenthal

The December meeting was canceled due to snow 

President’s Report:  Holly  Shropshire welcomed everyone.  She reported that the bake sales held at the December concerts went well.  Holly reminded everyone that the marching band has been given some funding from the booster club.  Students need to work at the snack bar as thanks for the booster club support. 

Secretary’s report:  Beth presented the minutes.  The report was accepted with corrections.

Treasurer’s report:    Tracey Lanker reported that the concert bake sales brought in 466 dollars.  Amazon brought in $34.43. The total income for December bake/raffle sale, Innisbrook, donations, Amazon, and memberships come to $987.  Expenses include senior add for the yearbook and food for the pep band, coming to $241. Ending FORM balance is  $7,145.34. Final numbers are still needed from the Poinsettia sale, however the sale brought in $5,394 minus $3500 in expenses, coming to $1,894.   

Vice President’s Report:  Wendy Hoffman recommends dropping Little Caesar’s from our fundraising.  A Panera fundraiser is planned for  January 27th in Aspen Hill.  The December 18th Villa Maya fundraiser went well.  Wendy will follow up with Villa Maya. 

Director’s Report:  Ron Johnson thanked Holly for the note she sent to his church choir in response to their generous participation in the wreath and poinsettia fundraiser.  A February 24th Chamber concert (by students participating in the solo and ensemble festival) will be held at Barnes and Noble at 7PM.   Ron will go to Wood Middle School to recruit for the choir program.  There is a possibility for a third choir or general music class at Wood. Ron looks forward to the spring musical, Beauty and the Beast.

Phil Barnes reported that hosting the All County auditions was made successful with the help of volunteer students.  There are four students in All County Senior Orchestra, one in Senior Band and one in Senior All State Orchestra.  Vadala Chris, a special clinician, came in November.  In December, the Boston Brass visited, played a concert and chatted with students.  The Jazz band played at empty bowls.  The Marching Band played at the winter sport pep rally.  Winter concerts were successful, however the Jazz Band and Chorus concert was rescheduled because of snow.  The Jazz Band received an excellent rating at the county festival.  Jazz Band, Symphonic Orchestra, and Marching Band gave a recruiting concert at Wood MS.  Pep band is up and running.  The Cluster concert was Wednesday, January 8.  Phil attended an incoming RHS student night. Phil auditioned prospective instrumental music students.  String numbers are strong for next year, but band numbers are not quite as healthy.  Retaining older students is a challenge with scheduling constraints.  The gamer symphony orchestra, devoted to playing video game music, will use RHS for their rehearsals.  RHS students cannot play with them, but can observe if Phil happens to be present.  All county ensemble will perform February 8 at BCC High School.  An Arts Education Forum meeting will be held at Paint Branch. The Solo and ensemble festival is scheduled for February 28 and March 1.  It is recommended that students get involved.  The State solo and ensemble festival is in May.  Pit orchestra begins on Thursday, February 6 and is open to any student.  The pit orchestra rehearses on Thursdays from 2:30 to 5:00 with show dates on April 3,4 and 5.  

Old Business:  None

New Business: Barnes and Noble concert for solo and ensemble participants will be on February 24 7:00 – 8:00. FORM authorized a ≥$200 full page ad in the Beauty and the Beast program.  The music office needs a new printer.  A proposal will be presented at the next FORM meeting. The Music Department pot luck dinner will be Thursday, May 15. 

8:15 Meeting finished.