10/14/13 Minutes

posted Nov 18, 2013, 12:36 PM by Phil Barnes

Friends of Rockville Music (FORM)


October 14, 2013

Attendance:  Phil Barnes,  Ron Johnson, Ashley Tauber, Holly Shropshire, Wendy Hoffman, Tracy Lankler, Beth Peterson, Susan Townsend-Gray, Joyce Rosenthal, Teresa Holler, Linda Corbelli, Ann Horwich, Jennifer  Rossmer, Al Taylor,  Damaris Richardson, Tony Glander, Janet Tawson, Kathy Makey, Susan Apter, and Pam Loebach

President’s Report:  Holly Shrophshire greeted everyone and promised to keep the meeting short, as there were a number of people in attendance who are parents of alumni and were there to wish Mr. Barnes well on his upcoming wedding. 

Secretary’s Report:  Beth Peterson circulated a report on the September meeting.  The minutes from that meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:   Tracy Lankler reported that the school year is off to a positive start.  FORM is doing well on donations, though memberships are down a bit at this point in time.  Holly will push memberships at football games.  Income from donations, membership dues, Amazon credit, and restaurant fundraisers is $1,009.39.  The treasurer’s report was accepted.

Director’s Report:  Ron Johnson reported that a choral teacher was newly hired at Wood – Jonathan Dunn.  Ron Johnson reported that four of the young men from the RHS choral program will be participating in the Maryland State Teacher’s Convention.  Meanwhile Ron’s choral students are preparing for winter concerts.  Guitar students are also working toward a performance.

Phil Barnes talked about the instrumental cluster meeting.  A cluster concert is planned for January.  Phil will be organizing a special session pushing students to consider studying the bassoon.    Thirty Wood MS students joined Rockville’s marching band one night at a football game.  Phil feels that advocating to the board of education is something that is needed.  Having parents send a strong message should be a mission of FORM.  The Navy band concert is cancelled, but may be rescheduled in the spring.    Mr. Kelly, student teacher, is in his last week working with RHS.  Mr. Kelly moves on to Elementary, but will return to RHS to conduct at the winter concerts.  Marching band is going to Towson this weekend then to Annapolis at a later time.  Rockville and Wood will be hosting county honors auditions next month.  Junior auditions are November 12 and senior auditions are November 19.  Both auditions will be held from 6-10 at night.

Other Business:   Damaris Richardson and Tony Glander led the Innesbrook sale. The total from  Innisbrook is $2822.07.  Innisbrook will be delivered in early November.  Follow-up is needed on tax which has to be factored in to the profit.  There is a 6% sales tax for the wreathe sale.  It was decided that 50% of the profit from the sale will go to FORM and the other 50% to the accounts of the individual sellers.  An effort will be made to encourage people via Ramsnet to join FORM or at least to make a donation.  There is another opportunity for students to be involved in a raking project at Mr. Hornby’s home.  The money earned will go toward the scholarship fund.  Follow-up with Mr. Hornby is needed in November. An October fundraiser at Panera and a November fundraiser at Little Caesers is planned.

7:40 official part of meeting finished.