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Minutes:  FORM (Friends of Rockville Music) Meeting

October 12, 2009


Attendance:  Amy Alexander, Susan Townsend-Gray, Arleen W. Matthews, Raquel J. Robinson, Susan Apter, Kathy Makos, Jennifer Rossmere, Ann Horwich, Michael Hetchlop, Grace Cho, Phil Broadbent, Cathy Stee, Phil Barnes and Karen Griffin


Secretary’s Report from Karen Griffin

Minutes were approved without change. 


Treasurer’s Report from Jennifer Rossmere

Jennifer presented the treasurer’s report from September 13 through October 11.  She reported the beginning balance of $814.52 with income of $200 from memberships; $1030.00 in donations for a total income of $1230. There were no expenses to report.  Therefore the ending FORM balance is $2,044.52.  The Treasurer’s report was accepted without changes. 


President’s Report

Susan opened the meeting by introducing herself to the group and talked about how she wants music parents to come and learn about the music program in Rockville High School and to learn how parents can support them since fees cannot be assessed.  She introduced Mr. Johnson who is the Rockville Chorus teacher and said she will be inviting parents of other music ensembles to future FORM meetings to hear about the Music Department goals for the upcoming year. 


Mr. Johnson began by saying how happy he is to be at Rockville and how impress he is with the kids and their willingness to come into class and work hard.  He said his goal is to build a good program across the clusters and thought one way to build a successful program was to have uniforms.  He thought robes were a bit outdated and wants to buy tuxes and gowns.  He said the Chorus parents are willing to come in and help with measurements and ordering the costumes and are willing to help with fundraising. He said he himself is selling Sally Foster at his church and has challenged his students to match his sales.  Amy asked what his time line was and Mr. Johnson responded by saying he would like the costumes by the winter concert.  He said the gowns cost $65 each and the tuxes are $95.  He said he would need 12 tuxes and 30 gowns this year, for a total cost of $3,090.  He also said there is the possibility of renting versus paying for the uniforms.  Mr. Johnson continued by saying he also wants to bring in vocal instructors to do master classes.  Mr. Johnson said he has two guitar classes one of which has a few special ed students and ESOL students.  Then he continued by saying his piano class has 27 students in it and he only has capacity for 16.  He would like to purchase 8 more keyboards to accommodate the additional students.  Anne asked if 8 more keyboards would fit in the room and Mr. Johnson said they would.  He next talked about hiring an accompanist to play during rehearsals and concerts.  Susan asked if he had an accompanist in mind and what is the fee.  He said it’s about $300 per session and he said he does have someone in mind.  He also knows of several good voice teachers right in the community.  Middle school program and how he is committed in building the program there but knows it will take time. 


Susan said our goal is to have Mr. Johnson at Rockville full-time and is committed to supporting all the music groups.  She said there is a need to have more selling motivational tools during fundraisers such as the get out of scale free card, so music, uniforms, instruments, etc. can all be supported.  She believes Rockville has a great music department and said she is so blown away by the sound Rockville has and believes it is competitive with any private school. Ann spoke up about having more opportunities to generate excitement by doing more community outreach and cluster outreach programs, so parents won’t look at other schools when making the decision on where to send their kids.  There are so many other schools Wood students can choose, so there needs to be a way to generate more excitement in the community about Rockville.  We need to advertise Rockville and get the word out about its excellence in music, the IB program, journalism, smaller class sizes and good teachers.  


The next topic for discussion was presented by Karen.  She passed around a handout of ideas for wreath decorations and asked the group if FORM wanted to buy holiday picks and bows to sell.  She said the picks, if bought in bulk form, would cost $.50 each and the bows $1.00 each.  She said we could sale the kit for $2.00.  The decorations could be available to sell when the wreaths are distributed.



Susan said Elizabeth was not available to update the members on the Sally Foster fundraising.   Susan continued by saying the Booster Club has been very generous to us and thought we might be able to ask them for contributions toward uniforms.  She stress the fact that FORM supports the whole music department and we currently have 3 fundraisers scheduled; Sally Foster, Holiday Wreaths and Candles.  A question was asked by Amy about whether families who weren’t interested in selling Sally Foster could donate money and if so would the money be counted towards the music trip next year.  Susan said parents could donate to the music department and for the music trip by notating what the money is for on the check. It was suggested another fundraiser would be a bake sale at the football games but Susan felt the idea would have to be run by the Booster Club.  Mr. Johnson asked if a restaurant fundraiser was possible and thought Noodle N Company would be a good restaurant to try.  Ann said if we do a restaurant we would need to check with other groups at Rockville so we don’t bump into their fundraisers.  It was suggested that the Chorus could perform at the restaurant to get more parents involved.  We could also have the instrumental groups perform at different restaurants and have a tip jar.  Another opportunity to get notice is playing at the basketball games and maybe the Chorus could perform the national anthem before the games.  Other fundraising ideas were talked about such as selling small notebooks which could have the picture of the Rockville music ensembles.  Another thought was selling Krispy Kreme donuts.


Director’s Report

Phil clarified that the Kennedy game will be on Friday, not Thursday and the game on the 30th was cancelled. 


Meeting adjourned at 8:10.