Friends of Rockville Music

2016-2017 FORM Officers
President: Pam Loebach
Vice President: Maureen Blassou
Secretary: Maizie Rocke
Treasurer: Randy Strader


        Friends of Rockville Music (FORM) is a private charitable 501(c)(3) organization that supports and maintains the outstanding music department at RHS. It is an unfortunate reality that, in this era of limited resources and competing priorities, that the arts often do not always receive all the support needed to run the strong program that our students deserve. So, in 2004 a group of parents and music teachers created FORM.

        FORM provides support to the RHS music department in a number of ways. First, our support is financial. Last year we raised about $4000 and the bulk of that money went right back into the music department for expenses such as instrument repair, sheet music, music festival entrance fees, concert accompanists, etc. We try very hard to ensure that our support is directed towards the needs of the whole department, so our support is focused equally, as appropriate, on the various bands, orchestras, choruses and jazz ensembles that all meet during the school day at RHS, as well as the piano, guitar, advanced music classes and all extracurricular activities offered through the music department.

        Although financial support is an important function of FORM, it is not the organization’s only purpose, nor should it be seen as the sole reason for the group’s existence. Through our partnership with the music department, we provide real opportunities for parents to be involved in the musical activities of our students. FORM provides parent volunteers to help with in-school concerts, festivals and concerts off school grounds, accompanies students on day long trips (and sometimes feeds them!), and sees to other needs where the music department requires an extra pair of adult hands. In addition the RHS marching band is supported by the RHS Booster Club and in recognition of this mutually supportive relationship, FORM encourages marching band parents to help out at Booster Club fundraising events during football games.

        Finally, FORM serves as a voice for the role of music education at our high school. We all know that those running our individual school and the larger system sometimes have to make very tough choices. As individuals who value the role of music education, we make sure that the message that music programs in the schools help our kids and communities in real and substantial ways is heard.

        We encourage all RHS parents and community members to become involved with FORM. Dues are $20 per family per year (tax deductible) and meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00pm in the Instrumental Music Room (1084) at Rockville High School. All are welcome to join.

    If you have questions, please contact Music Department Chairman Phil Barnes at 301-517-5590, or Pam Loebach, FORM President, at 301-706-9146,